12 Most Likely Job Titles for the Klout Elite

12 Most Likely Job Titles for the Klout Elite

Got Klout? Want Klout? Do you even care? Some say, “Yes!”; some say, “No, I don’t care.”; some say “No … {But yeah. Actually. I do care.}”.

If you’re in the Social Mediasphere, directly or indirectly, you’ve probably heard of Klout. Chances are you’ve occasionally checked your score and some of you (you know who you are) check it every day.

If you want Klout, how do you get it? Try this: tweet a lot, get active on Facebook, have influential friends, and get the right job.

Wait a minute … did you just read, “Get the right job”?

Yes, you did. In an unofficial capacity, I have spent a bit of time looking at the folks who are reigning on Klout. All of them have the aforementioned in common with the exception of the “Job Title.” If you were to pay attention to the job titles of those with Klout, you will see some similarities in their profiles.

I give you the unofficial and statistically irrelevant yet highly qualitative and opinionated list of:

12 Most Likely Job Titles for the Klout Elite

1. CEO

This tends to be more meaningful if you are the “Big Cheese” at a large company but, in general, CEOs who are active in Social Media get Klout. This may be because they know how to command attention. This, in spite of the fact that three-person companies may have a CEO, they get Klout. And if they don’t have that, most of them do have “clout”.

2. Student

College students tend to be very busy in Social Media. As they are approaching graduation they are actively networking, participating in chats, and throwing a lot of content against the “Social Media Wall”, seeing what sticks. Unlike many busy professionals, students have time – a requisite for non-famous people who want to get a high Klout score. [Web Savvy] + [Free Time] + [Social Media Love] = High Klout

3. Digital/Online Marketer

The line between digital marketing and Social Media is blurring. And if it isn’t, folks in digital are extremely busy on Facebook, Twitter, and to a lesser extent LinkedIn.

4. CMO

These folks are (or at least should be) the Social Media thought leaders. Responsible for marketing, often at large global corporations, CMOs are the ones who tie it all together: print, product, online, social, and all other types of marketing. They are responsible for creating and driving content that leads to sales. One day I may list the 12 Most influential CMOs but, for this list, …They get KLOUT!!!

5. Missing Zoo Animal

Who doesn’t remember the BronxZooCobra. A short time phenomenon, the cobra acquired more than 200K followers in just weeks and was Re-Tweeted like a celebrity. For a time, it was a celebrity … and Celebrities get serious Klout. (If you don’t agree, read on the rest of this list)

6. Professional Athlete

@KingJames <- You Stink!!! Okay, I'll admit, I don't like the guy, but I have 2 things to say. 1. He is good. 2. He gets Klout. Pro athletes tend to have large followings, are Re-Tweeted (regardless of the quality of their content), and are revered in their local towns. Most don't tweet as often as other celebrities: regardless, Pros got Klout.

7. Media Mogul/Talk Show Host

Radio personality? Then you get Klout. Are you a talk show host polarizing in your thoughts (Political), offensive to some (Shock Jock), or otherwise have a large following thanks to media support? Radio Show hosts have Klout and clout; many use Social Media (Twitter & Facebook) as a core part of their promotion. They promote for followers and Likes, a formula for high Klout. If your show(s) are nationally syndicated or in a large market, that helps too!

8. Social Media Strategist

If you do this for a living and do not get Klout, you are a failure. Proceed to number 12 (see below), grow your Klout, and try again.

9. Author/Blogger

These two are not the same yet are quite similar. Did you write a book or an e-book? Promote it on Twitter. Set up a Facebook page and promote it there. If your book was successful (Best Seller, Supported by a big name or two, Niche/Cult following), it is natural for the Author to get some serious Klout. Perhaps I should qualify the title a bit more by saying “Good” Author/Blogger. If you’re one, Klout is your middle name.

10. Actor/Actress

If you are in movies you get Klout, if you are on TV you get Klout. If you are an A-List actor, you get a lot of Klout (barring you are present in Social Media). If you are an egomaniacal, womanizing, misogynistic actor that became rich playing himself on “Two and a Half Men,” and you coin phrases like “Tiger Blood,” you get Uber Super Mega Klout. Sadly, it’s true.

11. Musician

Can you say “Bieber Fever”? Do you have it? I do not. I do, however, have at least a handful of followers that are “@-Something-Bieber” and there isn’t anyone more famous on Twitter than that young Canadian. Most of his other teeny-bopper friends/peers also get some massive Klout. It is they who moved the musicians ahead of the pro athlete and the movie stars. Other musicians? There are others but this ranking goes to Bieber to represent those who can carry a tune (or an autotune cc Britney Spears).

12. Unemployed (Owner of [your name here] Consulting)

I vacillated whether this should be 1 or 2. Perhaps if unemployed people worked as hard at getting a job as they do at social media, the unemployment rate would be at a much more manageable level. The problem? Many don’t work hard at finding jobs and don’t use Social Media to network in a way that will help them land a job. Perhaps that is intentional. Some of the unemployed are “Principles” of their self-named consultancies. Those are fun, too, it isn’t until you see that they spend all day on Social Media sprouting about Klout or the day’s big news that you realize they are also missing a key to being in business…Revenue. BTW – those of you running successful consulting businesses? I am not speaking about you; you are golden in my book.

And there you have it, the “12 Most Job Titles for High Klout.” Is your job title on the list? Deep down, is it really exciting to you that it is or is it driving you crazy that it isn’t? According to a study, one that I just made up and posted here on 12 most, you need one of the titles above to get a great Klout score. So get at it, make a change, get promoted. Do whatever you have to do, because we all need a little Klout, right?? … or do we …

Got Klout?

I’m Dan Newman, I am just another guy with a blog, and these are my 12most.

See you again real soon!

Daniel Newman

Daniel Newman is the CEO of United Visual Inc. Parent company to United Visual Systems, United Visual Productions, and United GlobalComm. The family of companies is focused in Visual Communications and Audio Visual Technologies. Newman is also an Adjunct Professor of Management at North Central College. A Chicago native all of his life, Newman is an avid golfer, a fitness fan, and a classically trained pianist.

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