12 Most Stimulating Twitter Chats

12 Most Stimulating Twitter Chats

Monday through Friday, around the clock, Tweet #Chats are taking over the stream. Discussions on business, politics, dating, and a plethora of other subjects consume the minds of tweeters everywhere.

The pundits come running to them to share their wits. The guests dive into the stream, retweeted at the speed of light. After all, they are the experts, even if they aren’t all that interesting (or much of an expert). If things really get going, the occasional squabble will ensue; the comfort of Twitter distance can elevate some people’s moxie. Despite the odd bicker-fest, #Chats are fun and can initiate many great and lasting connections. This is because, in “Twitter #Chats”, we’re able to learn more about those who share a common interest. #Chats are a worldwide open forum to share and embrace discussion, debate, and intellect.

So many #Chat topics and so little time! How to Choose! I suspect you may have this Job Title if you’re able to attend all of the #Chats on Twitter (there are hundreds). To help you zero in, I have developed (for your eyes only) my list of the 12 Most Stimulating Twitter Chats:

1. Speakchat

This hour offers great conversation about the strategic and daily challenges of public speakers. Monday at 8:00 CST Monday at 8:00 CST (Founded by Michele Price)

2. Linkedinchat

You jump onto Twitter to speak about LinkedIn (seems a bit odd to me, too). Actually, this chat covers a lot around LinkedIn and in a better forum than LinkedIn offers. Tuesday at 7:00 CST (Moderated by Vivika Von Rosen)

3. Blogchat

At the speed of light, bloggers discuss their blog. Populated by experts, amateurs, and lurkers, this chat is busy and chock full of great insight. Sunday at 8:00 CST (Moderated by Mack Collier)

4. Leadfromwithin

An hour well spent taking a spiritual look at leadership topics. Inspiring the heart, soul, and the journey within ones self in the process of becoming an inspirational leader. Tuesday at 7:00 CST (Moderated by Lolly Daskal)

5. GetRealChat

Presents a host of topics where candor is the rule. When you jump on board, show up, prepare to “Get Real.” Tuesday at 8:00 CST (Moderated by Pam Moore)

6. TChat

Discussion for talent management as it pertains to career, professional development, and advancement. Tuesday at 7:00 CST (Moderated by Meghan M. Biro & Kevin W Grossman)

7. LeadershipChat

This chat was where it all started for me. Great banter, great people, and a fantastic subject! Tuesday at 7:00 CST (Moderated by Lisa Petrilli and Steve Woodruff)

8. BizForum

This chat is new to the stream and it’s the place to be for great exchange, taking the approach of a debate rather than streams of consciousness. Thursday at 8:00 CST (Moderated by Sam Fiorella)

9. SMManners

Mind your manners – on Social Media, of course. This chat is a lot of fun where there is also a lot to learn. Tuesday at 9:00 CST (Moderated by Dabney Porte)

10. CMChat

This is 100% plug for a great chat on a topic around which I am complerely indifferent; Country Music. If you like the music, meeting celebs and industry folks, or having fun chatting with great people, then giddy up! Monday at 8:00 CST (Moderated by Jessica Northey and Tobey Deys)

11. JobHuntChat

I popped in here the other night and really enjoyed it! Great topics and great mentors leading those seeking employment by providing tips/tricks/ideas aimed at job-hunting success. Monday at 9:00 CST (Moderated by Rich DeMatteo and Jessica Miller-Merrell)

12. CXO

This is a daytime chat to get your week off to a great start.
It offers great discussion around, not just customer service, but the entire customer experience! Love this chat and was honored to be a guest host (hint to invite me back?). Monday at 11:00 CST (Moderated by Visvisimo Inc.)

In addition to these incredible chats, there are literally hundreds of others. You can always find an interesting chat going on in Twitter. A great place to start looking if you’re new to the space is this comprehensive and continually updated and curated list of Twitter chats.

So there you have it. The best chats on twitter, the time and day to be there, the chat leaders, and even a personal invite from me to attend (disclaimer: this offer has no cash or social value).

Jump in, and get chatting.

I’m Dan Newman, I am just another guy with a blog, and these are my 12 most.

Featured image courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik licensed via creative commons.

Daniel Newman

Daniel Newman is the CEO of United Visual Inc. Parent company to United Visual Systems, United Visual Productions, and United GlobalComm. The family of companies is focused in Visual Communications and Audio Visual Technologies. Newman is also an Adjunct Professor of Management at North Central College. A Chicago native all of his life, Newman is an avid golfer, a fitness fan, and a classically trained pianist.

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