12 Most Irritating to Most People I Know on Twitter Behaviors | Was: 12 Most Stupid Twitter Behaviors

12 Most Irritating to Most People I Know on Twitter Behaviors | Was: 12 Most Stupid Twitter Behaviors

See the bottom of this post for for a video of @Josepf where he recants the rant!

After you’ve been hanging around Twitter for a long time (over 3 months) certain things start to irk, annoy, or just outright offend!!!  I’m going to go out on a limb and call these the 12 Most Stupid Twitter Behaviors that I can think of, off the top of my head, on a rainy Saturday, in June.

1. TrueTwit : Saver of Spam or just wrong?

“Namewithheldtoprotecttheguilty uses TrueTwit validation service. To validate click here: http://truetwit.com/”. Really Shannon? On Facebook and LinkedIn I agree. But on Twitter this seems counter-culture. Follow-back manually instead. Screen with a Hashable #justmet. Typically I simply ignore the TwitWits cause it rhymes with NitWits.  You?

2. I’m not a person, I’m an RSS feed aka Count Bot-chula

Are you the Wall Street Journal or Mashable? No? Then do not feed us Tweets through your RSS feed. WE CAN TELL!!! We are people who want to talk with people, or get our news sources from, um, news sources. Please do not be a Count Botchula.

3. DM = Direct Marketing = Lost me at hello

“Namewithheldtoprotecttheguilty wow, you’re great (even though I have no idea who you are) please fan my awesome facebook page blah blah blah”. I’m great? Well, okay, they got that part right. But using DM without any established relationship to drive me to your blog, facebook page, or LinkedIn profile is just POOR MANNERS. Please, stop.

4. Links that Stink

There are many ways to make stinky links!  You can read about the mixed reviews about “Tweetheardroundtheworld”. What I’m talking about is glancing at someone’s profile and virtually every Tweet is “@NextRandomTarget click here to get free electricity or beer for a year, this is a legitimate offer”. Honestly?

5. Of course you should follow me (but u r beneath me)

We all have a few friends like this. We follow them, we see them on hashtags, we interact, they even seem to like us. But they never follow us back! Yes I’m talking about you Mr Shri. But I’m just as guilty of it occasionally. You can try to embarrass them into it like I did @Mitchneff once with a ten top reasons I’m not following post. Or perhaps direct them to @Tedcoine’s follow-back policy. In my case, just ask me!  I do not mind, I get behind on follows occasionally and if you ask, and I really do want want to follow you? Then I’ll tell you (or block your spamming @ss).

6. Of course I’m following you (stalking)

It can be fun to watch a profession stalker, like my friend Jackie Shelley, decide they are going to get so & so to notice them and follow back. On the other hand, sometimes it can cross that fine line (not you Jackie!). Twitter is a public forum and we all can gather our fair share of “groupie” attention. Be careful to not cross that line! And if someone has crossed it for you? Set a boundary, then act on it. Need help with boundaries? Go see Lolly Daskal.

7. paper.li, there, i said it

The BLAHdeBLAH Daily starring some random content by yet more random people is out so I hope and pray you click on just one Advertisement to make this worth my while. Ok, maybe paper.li started out as a good idea but when everybody can be a newspaper is anybody really news? (that makes no sense, but then again, neither do these papers) Lots of better ways to curate content coming.I’m liking http://Twylah.com/Josepf as an example.

8. Click me, I’m small

The best profile picture on Twitter belongs to Sima Dahl, simply because she flat out understands that when you click on someone’s profile picture it should scale up and stun you. Go check her out, (yes I said that…but no stalking!) Need help with your avi? Read these top 5 tips from mashable or these 5 tips from 312 Digital.

9. I’m uglier than this logo

NO YOU ARE NOT. This has been a personal mission of mine even before I met consistent egg head Jeff C Singer. We do want to connect with you. Not your logo or cartoon. I should list the mini-horde of people who made this switch because of minor, um, power of suggestion. But if I did @OneJillian might rally them all to get mad at me or something, so not worth it! Get a picture, make it scale-able (see previous tip), and connect/engage deeper.

10. Whats a hashtag?

This is noob behavior and is just annoying, not stupid. What is stupid is not taking a noob by the hand and explaining how to use hashtags and tools to get more enjoyment out of Twitter. Anyone who ‘gets it” has a social obligation to pass that knowledge on. This is your turn to shine!

11. Yes, I know how to use Facebook

IF I like you, and am friends with you, and we chat a few times, DM a bit, hang out together in some hashtags, then MAYBE we’ll be facebook friends or linkedin contacts. They are different networks and relationships. Yes, they overlap, but, I especially am not interested in Tweet Stream requests to add me to your facebook account when I do not know you. Call me old fashioned, but use a little foreplay first.

12. The Great Pyramids are found in Egypt, not Twitter

Last, but certainly not least, there seems to be an over abundance of MLM schemes percolating around Twitter. Especially annoying are the all MLM all the time streams, see stinky links above. Just unfollow them.  Block them if they show up in hashtags that you care about. It’s your life, your Twitter experience, and you deserve to see a higher ratio of Tweets from Margie Clayman or Sean Mcginnis or “GIN with an E” <<– must watch Video by: Gini Dietrich.

More 12 Most Stupid Twitter Behaviors I missed?  Take heated issue with any of the ones I pointed out?   Then don’t be stupid, say something below!!! (the previous was only partially satire, it is up to your ego defenses to decide which elements were or were not satire)


Josepf Recants the Rant in this Feature Length Film

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