12 Most Annoying Things People Do On LinkedIn

12 Most Annoying Things People Do On LinkedIn

I have been pretty active on LinkedIn for the past 4 years or so. In fact, I got my last job as a result of my participation in the groups. So, let’s just say I am pretty familiar with the site and can tell you what works and what doesn’t from my perspective anyways (share your own in the comments section please).

While LinkedIn itself may annoy me from time to time with their ‘updates’, there are several things I see members doing that I just don’t understand. While it’s true that some or all may be effective in the short-term, they will not sustain your presence in a very high light for the long one. So here we go with 12 most annoying things people doing on LinkedIn.

1. Request to connect with no message

So LinkedIn gives you a default message: ‘I’d like to add you to my professional network.’ Blah! Shame on them for even giving this much to you and not making you ask me to connect with you and give me a reason why. Please modify this canned message and be personal.

2. Start a discussion with just a link

I see this all…the…time! People starting a message with just a link. So, let me give you a hint about the discussions on LinkedIn, we are not supposed to have to go anywhere else to have a discussion! Yes, give me the link to read more, please, but give me enough to give you my thoughts on your topic and don’t just spam the group and waste our time trying to drive traffic to your site. If it’s that important to create a discussion about then create a discussion, will you?

3. Start a discussion about connecting to each other’s social networks

Bet you have all seen this one, huh? Let’s all connect to each other on Twitter and Facebook blah blah blah. Unfortunately, these discussions get so much response they end up in the Featured or Active discussions for weeks. Yes, I have posted my links there one time or another but guess what? I didn’t get any spike in followers or fans. Please don’t fall for this or start it, I really don’t get the point. Thanks!

4. Posting discussions in other languages

I love that LinkedIn is global and we can communicate with people from all over the globe, but did you know that you don’t have to post your discussion in your native language? Google translate can turn your post into any language but I have to say, and I apologize, but that is extra effort and English is pretty much the common denominator and a lot of people will not translate your discussion.

5. Putting things where they don’t belong – jobs in discussions

We know that darks don’t belong with whites in the laundry and you shouldn’t drink beer before liquor so why are you mixing everything up on LinkedIn? There are job boards for a reason; jobs don’t belong in the discussions area. Have a position available at your company is awesome – yay your hiring – but guess what? That’s not a discussion, sorry, so take it elsewhere. Same with webinars…put them in the events section.

6. Spamming connections with email offers

Ey ye ye ye ye! Just saw Chris Brogan tweet the other day about how his LinkedIn inbox never has anything good in it. Can you relate? Occasionally I will send a message to my connection about something, but I am extremely careful about what I send, how many times I send something and whom I am sending it to. Please don’t spam your connections with stuff that’s irrelevant. If it’s that important for you to send it to all, then make it feel important to us too.

7. Spamming group members and +2 and +3 with product pitches

Even if you are not a direct connection on LinkedIn, as long as you are separated by no more than 3 people and/or share a group, you can send a message to them. This is a little different than #6 because I get these messages that say ‘we are in the xyz group together and love your opinions and o by the way we sell this awesome product so if you or anyone else wants to buy some, let me know.’ Really? Ok, so I have a very negative view of this company and encourage each and every one of you to never ever ever fall for this in the event that maybe it will stop.

8. Posting great content and the link leads to a form

This is just a tease. Seriously. You just bragged about this awesome ebook or whitepaper you have and how great it is and all the good stuff I am going to get out of it and then you send me to a form? It’s not fair! You can generate leads on LinkedIn without teasing us with content. Give us the content and then we will contact you for more. Trust me, we will! That is, if your content is good ;) .

9. Connecting but not networking

Ok seriously, why bother? Are you playing the numbers game perhaps and just love to see 3000+ connections next to your name? I have an extremely small network on LinkedIn because I know everyone and can proudly boast that we connect in one way or another. I question the intent of someone who takes the trouble to request my connection but then does nothing. Let’s connect and keep connecting over and over again!

10. Link their entire Twitter feed to their status

A couple years ago this feature was enabled that allowed people to link their LinkedIn status to their Twitter feed. What I saw happening was that my status alerts of my connections were just tweets. They immediately lost their value to me. There is a way to link some tweets but not all and I highly encourage you to do the former in lieu of the latter.

11. Don’t have a picture

Unless you are hollow man, the boogeyman or a shadow of yourself, please upload a photo. If you are really that self-conscience, use your logo or a pic of your doggy. I often click on discussions but walk away from commenting because the person who started it has no image. *Apply this rule to any and all social networks you participate in.

12. Join, ask one question and then never come back

LOTS of people do this! It’s mostly recruiters and HR professionals (sorry!) that post jobs or discussions about jobs but I would question how many of LinkedIn’s millions of users actually use the network. Why do you create an account, ask a question and never come back? Did we not help you? Did you not see the value? Was it too overwhelming? Please, tell me because we would love to have you! That is, as long as you agree not to do anything on this list .

Now that that’s off my chest, does anything annoy you on LinkedIn?

Featured image courtesy of tychay licensed via creative commons.

Christina Pappas

Christina Pappas is a Inbound Marketing Professional with a passion for content marketing, lead generation and social media. She is an avid blogger at The Content Cocktail which focuses on how to leverage a vendor agnostic approach to lead generation in order to increase conversions and bottom-line revenue. Christina is a marketing communications and lead generation professional who has spent most of her career at B2B technology companies and in the hospitality industry.

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