12 Most Important Reasons Boys Need To Pee In The Woods

12 Most Important Reasons Boys Need To Pee In The Woods

Sometimes, mothers (not fathers!) are horrified to discover that their young boys are quite content to skip the whole “come inside to use the bathroom” deal, and just unzip and let ‘er rip in the woods. Such a reaction is hardly warranted, however – boys pee in the bushes or in the trees just as certainly as night follows day. Here’s why you should just go with the flow.

1. It’s natural

Have you ever seen a toilet growing in the wild? Didn’t think so.

2. It’s efficient

It’s important for all kids to learn optimal resource utilization at a young age. Not only is the young fellow saving time by cutting out a round trip indoors, there is also significant water savings. The planet will thank you.

3. It’s fun

You’ll never see a boy (even the adult kind) scowling during this activity. If you catch them in the act, you’ll see a smile curling across their relieved face.

4. Boys need to break the rules

Save any hissy fits for acts of vandalism or arson. Encourage good bathroom behavior, but nobody gets hurt sprinkling the ground. Except the odd anthill now and then.

5. Dogs do it

You know – marking territory. Let the kid leave his mark. It’ll evaporate soon enough!

6. It’s a teachable moment

A life lesson on the water cycle, without introducing plumbing concepts. What’s not to like?

7. Boys aren’t sterile

Gross, dirty, and uncivilized are three important words in the development of a young male. A quick pee in the woods gives vent to his inner slob. Leave at least some civilizing work to his future spouse.

8. It’s one less set of tracks in and out of the house

There’s enough stuff to clean up. Just think what you might be avoiding here – mud, ticks, dried worms…

9. The “drippies” stay outside

Would you rather have them on the bowl, or worse, on the toilet seat?

10. It’s part of the “code”

Boys have an unspoken code. It involves setting small fires with a magnifying glass, stomping on ants, and taking a free-range whiz when there’s a chance you might get caught. It’s genetic.

11. It’s early military training

Boys are fascinated with things that shoot. Practice is more fun when not confined to oval porcelain receptacles.

12. It’s the call of the wild

We live in a far too civilized world. The woods beckon. And kids need to respond with a bit of wildness to the call of nature!

Every boy needs some space. Bathrooms are pretty confining places. So if your kid lets it fly outside here and there, just turn the other cheek. And smile with him.

Featured image courtesy of Melissa Wise licensed via creative commons.

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