12 Most Down to Earth Celebs I’d Wanna Have a Beer With

12 Most Down to Earth Celebs I’d Wanna Have a Beer With

from Jessica Northey

Ever have that conversation, “I’d like to have a beer with that guy.” It got me thinking while I was talking to my good buddy (and 12 Most Co-Founder) Daniel Newman about what Celebs seem so cool and down-to-Earth that you would want to grab a beer with them. A lot of the people we thought of initially aren’t on Twitter *BOO* like Vince Vaughn, Bradley Cooper, Seth Rogen, Tina Fey, Ryan Reynolds but since we were was trying to  stick to Celebs on Twitter I thought this list was pretty diverse and speaks to the many facets of my personality.
I would be interested to see who you would like to sit down with and have a beer with?
Here are mine, in no particular order.

#1 Seth MacFarlane – He wrote Family Guy…’nuff said…that would be shots too! TEQUILA!

#2 Thomas Jane – Have you seem him without his shirt, hoping after a few beers he drops top ;) he did it for Haiti maybe he’ll do it for a Heinie(ken).

#3 Dr Andy Baldwin  – He is an Officer and a Gentleman…a Doctor…a Humanitarian…ok he deserves Saint hood, maybe I should go to Church with him and we could just drink wine during Communion.

#4 Jimmy Fallon  – I look forward to late nights with Jimmy…and I just want him to tweet about me or have me on his show…and drink beer.

#5 Justin Timberlake – Would like confirm that he is bringing sexy back…and sing Mousketeer songs with him! Bring your VOX with you JT!

#6 Tim McGraw - I have met him in person…but it was really fast…need more time with him and it would be totally OK if Faith came too. *not really Tim*

#7 Pamela Anderson After a couple beers maybe she would run on the beach with me in orange bathing suit in slow motion and we could braid each other’s hair…it could happen.

#8 Daniel Tosh  This guy makes me laugh, makes me think…ok now lets drink Tosh!

#9 Chelsea Handler  – I read her book about Vodka…and I am in! “Nazdaróvye!”

#10 Patrick Warburton - Not gonna lie, love the M&M commercials and would totally date “Puddy” from Seinfeld. Definitely beer worthy!

#11 MC Hammer – I would just want to say “here comes the Hammer” as he enters the bar. Hopefully after a couple drinks he would show me some dance moves.


#12 Ellen De Genres – What can I say about one of the most humble people on Earth? LET’s Dance and Drink and Dance More!! #LuvYerShow


Who’s on your list??

Jessica Northey


Jessica Northey is taking over Country Music and Radio one Tweet at a time. Specializing in, using Social Media when you ARE the brand, breaking new artists and strategic use of Social Media for Broadcasting; her optimization techniques are being implemented at top stations across the nation, and her writings/methods instructional material for various programs from Real Estate to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. She is a Social Media, Broadcasting, Country and Music Blogger/Writer, Nationally Recognized Speaker, On-Air Personality, Daily Columnist for AllAccess.com, the web’s largest radio and music industry community, who owns Digital Marketing Strategy boutique firm Finger Candy Media, LLC.

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