12 Most Family Friendly Dogs

12 Most Family Friendly Dogs

Choosing a dog is a big decision, especially if you have little ones. Having the experience of owning several over the years ( I currently have three ) and observing many types of breeds from my dog crazy friends, I have come up with what I think are the most family friendly breeds. All of these breeds have a good disposition and are great around kids. From one dog lover to the next, I hope you enjoy my picks and welcome any new additions to the list

1. Pug

These cute little characters are big dogs in a little dogs body. Able to withstand the abuse of a toddler and cuddle up with a teen. If you can put up with the snoring, they are a great addition to your family.

We have a Pug named Tootie. She has had 2 litters. The first one was planned and pups were very cute. The second one kinda happened with the Chihuahua down the road. Those were some ugly puppies…

2. Labrador Retriever

Always a favorite in several flavors, chocolate, yellow or black, this breed will  be your best friend for life. Known for their outstanding intelligence and loyalty. They can be a little rambunctious as pups, but mature to be great companions.

3. Golden Retriever

Close in personality to the lab, one of my all time favorites. My 1st dog and best friend Woody will always have a place in my heart. Loving and smart, they will look out for you, watch over your children and chase a ball for hours.

4.  The “Doodle”

A relatively new breed, poodle/lab = Labradoodle  and poodle/golden = Goldendoodle crosses give you personality galore. Each with its own unique look. Wonderful dogs who think they are circus clowns at times. Minimal to no shedding, but more grooming for sure, it is hard not to like one of these crosses.

We have a mini goldendoodle named Dudley who just may be the friendliest dog ever. Warning… if you are looking for a guard dog you best choose another breed. These dogs would rather run from trouble than bark at it.

5.  Border Collie

Known as one of the smartest dogs, these are great companions. Just know that they like to have a job to do. They can be as happy chasing a stick as chasing sheep, but need to be active. Wonderful for herding your children as well. No need to worry about them straying.

6. Boston Terriers

These cute little dogs were once carriage dogs in Boston, hence the name. Great dispositions and the perfect size, these mascots of Boston University always become a family favorite.

7. Boxers

How can you not like these characters? Always looking for a pat or a scratch behind the ears, these super friendly dogs are good with everyone. A good size with minimal grooming and maintenance. Beware… just like the pug, the snoring may get annoying to some.

8. Collies

Not seen as much as they used to be in the days of  “Lassie” these are fabulous dogs. Great with kids, super smart and beautiful. Be warned though, they do require a fair amount of grooming, but it is certainly worth it.

9. Beagles

There is nothing cuter than a beagle puppy, with their long ears and sad eyes. Beagles make great family pets. They are very tolerant and easy to get along with. Make sure you hold on tight during your walks, a beagle is a hunting dog and will want to chase any rabbit or squirrel just for the fun of it!

10. Bulldog

How can you not like one of these dogs? With their wrinkled faces and powerful bodies, they come in a room like a steamroller. Bulldogs are great with kids and require very little exercise, so if you just want a dog to hang out with, this is a great one. But if you expect him to chase a ball……….well good luck! This breed has been known to ride a skateboard though.

11. Corgi

Another herding dog that makes a great family companion, these dogs are great with kids and super smart. They always enjoy a job to do and will be happy to do what you ask them. It’s also hard to resist their smiling faces and long upright ears. They do have a dense coat that requires a daily brushing.

12. Mutt

Last but not least is the adorable mixed breed. Some of the best dogs I have owned have been some sort of cross. Now with the “designer “ breeds becoming popular, it just goes to prove my point. Easily found in shelters and rescues, look for one that is a cross of some of the breeds listed above.


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