12 Most Productive Weekly Activities in LinkedIn

12 Most Productive Weekly Activities in LinkedIn

There are over one billion Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn combined each month. I believe that social media has fundamentally changed the way our society communicates, the way we make purchasing decisions, where we work and even who are friends might be.

Even with the overwhelming statistics above, many of us are still struggling to integrate these platforms into our daily lives. The two most common objections I hear are 1) ”I don’t have the time.”, or 2) “I do not know where to start.”

I consider LinkedIn as the primary social platform for a business professional. If you can only pick one of the big four platforms to engage with as you begin, LinkedIn should be your choice.

The following 12 activities can be completed weekly, within approximately 30 minutes. These can be accomplished in one sitting, or accomplish two per day and take one day off. Try one strategy and stick to it until it is proven to be working for you.

1. Review and Accept/Ignore Connection requests

No reason to to do this more than once a week. You can review all of your invitations in one list and accept the invitations that you desire by selecting the checkbox for each one, then selecting ‘Accept’. You will need to decide your own strategy for who you will accept invitations from.

2. Review Weekly Group Updates

Within the Groups that you have joined, set the notification schedule to “once a week”, allowing you to stay current on the discussions and activities without getting distracted throughout your week.

3. Invite new connections from previous week

Many of us still hand out and receive business cards from those we meet with in person. Use a tool like CardMunch to scan the cards once per week, and then click the option to invite them on LinkedIn. This can help build your network, and save time over doing it manually.

4. Write one recommendation for someone that impressed you this past week

You will generate some very positive responses by incorporating this into your weekly LinkedIn activity. Who do you know that you would recommend to a friend or colleague? Take the time to write a recommendation, just 2-3 sentences is appropriate.

5. Add a Status Update to your profile

Add a sentence or two on a specific focus or activity for the upcoming week. Working on a big proposal, travelling to the opposite coast on business, just pick something and you will give your connections an update and possibly stimulate some communication. Or perhaps, share a link to a particularly intriguing blog post that made an impact on you.

6. Answer a Question in the Questions area

Review the questions in LinkedIn that others have asked. Share an answer or two that are in your area of expertise. Be succinct and to the point. Provide links to reference material and/or additional experts that might be of help to the person asking the question.

7. Ask a Question that you really would like an answer to

What would you really like to know? Puzzled on next steps? How to handle a specific situation? You will not only hopefully receive some answers to your question, but also be introduced to some potential new connections with expertise that may prove helpful to you in the future.

8. Add a company to those that you follow

Think about a company that is important to you and your professional success or growth and follow them in the Company area. Set the notifications as appropriate for your needs, most likely no more than once per week and for the frequency that you are logged into LinkedIn. If you are in sales, add the names of your customers and/or prospects to follow.

9. Add a comment or post in one of the Groups that you are a member of

Whether to a Group discussion, or to an Update from one of your connections, take a few minutes to add a meaningful comment and Like button click. We all love to generate comments and input from our connections and readers and it can generate some good will along the way. Leave your footprints in the sand of your LinkedIn travels.

10. Review your Company Profile and modify or add to it as appropriate

Review your company profile each week. See who is following the company, review new hires, changes, and other activity across the social media platforms. Company profiles are relatively new to LinkedIn and capabilities and functions are being added frequently. Stay on top of this area to maximize your company presence.

11. Follow a competitor’s company

If you want to keep an eye on your competition, this is an easy and productive way to do so once per week. Once you are following, monitor the updates and changes during your weekly LinkedIn review time. Focused, current and timely information all in one place.

12. Send a note to three connections that you haven’t connected with in past three to six months

Review your LinkedIn connections and pick three or more and send them a brief note to check in. Whether they are a customer, employee, vendor or personal friend, you will be surprised at the reaction you will receive from those you send notes to. Reaching out to a few people each week that you haven’t connected with for some time is rewarding both personally and professionally.

By completing these 12 activities in LinkedIn each week, you will take charge of your online social presence.  You will meet new connections that will be helpful to you in your career.  You will both teach others and learn new ideas about your field and industry.  You might find a new job.  Most importantly, you will now be a participant in our new era of the social-connected world.

Featured image courtesy of Ali Nassiri via Creative Commons.

Miles Austin


Miles Austin is “The Web Tools Guy” and the author of Fill the Funnel blog. A sales and marketing technologist with an extensive leadership background, he is recognized as one of the leading authorities on web tools for sales and marketing professionals.

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Nice list, Miles. If I may, I'd suggest checking out the "Who's Viewed Your Profile" section. Depending on your level of subscription to LinkedIn, you can see who has viewed your profile. You may want to follow up with a brief message to those who have checked out your profile. It could be a potential lead.



I'm digging the CardMunch recommendation. What a great time saver. And the price - can't beat $F.R.E.E.


I've set some of the updates to send a nice digest which helps me keep track of what others share, what I may have missed. Think I do most of these but it's sharing and commenting in the right groups and answering questions, I need to do more of that. FWIW.


I try and do at least five recommendations per week for people because their are a lot of people on their that do impress me and that I have done work with. It's funny to me to see a person with 300+ connections and only 3 or 4 recommendations that just doesn't make that much sense. Getting involved in the group conversations is a great thing to do.


Miles, you made great list of activities that will bring success to anyone on LinkedIn. To many people think that all they need to do is press accept button or send and invite. But is more then just click. I really like all 12 points.

Latest blog post: Blog


@Justicewordlaw A tip of my hat to you for doing five recommendations per week. Always good to remember that each LinkedIn member has there own reason to participate so the 300 connections with only 3 or 4 recommendations might make sense for them. My guess is that many of their connections just don't think of or know how to leave a recommendation for them. Your active use of recommendations will help on both reasons. Keep it up.


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