12 Most Interesting Apps Available in LinkedIn Labs

12 Most Interesting Apps Available in LinkedIn Labs

LinkedIn enjoys a stack of existing applications and functions helpful to many LinkedIn users. There is a not so well know playground of new application ideas where LinkedIn employees have the ability to publish applications that they have created. You can visit and try out these new applications at LinkedIn Labs.

Similar in some ways to Google Labs, visitors will find an ever-changing offering of applications that you can explore. Some might be fully integrated into LinkedIn at some point while others will just drift out of site if not used. You will find some of the apps have been designed simply for fun while others have a very focused business use. Here are the 12 most promising
apps as of the date of this post:

1. Resume Builder

ResumeBuilder incorporates the best practices and recommended design elements recommended by HR professionals and converts information from your LinkedIn Profile into one of eleven templates. Simply pick a template, edit the content by adding or deleting sections as appropriate and then share it as a PDF document.

2. Connection Timeline

As the name implies, Connection Timeline reviews all of your LinkedIn connections and then lays them out on a timeline. Based on the number of connections you have, it might take up to a minute or more to create your personal timeline. Once complete, select a display speed and then click the PLAY button. As your Profile photo moves along the timeline, headshots of those you connected with are displayed, as well as the companies that you worked with at the same period on the timeline.

3. SpeechIn

If you spend most of your time online with your smartphone instead of a desk, you might enjoy SpeechIn. It provides a feed of LinkedIn’s Today’s popular headlines, converted to audio so that you listen to the information rather than read it. Note that this app requires Safari or Chrome to run. Not for everyone, but if you like to know the headlines of the day and can’t read the screen, give it a try.

4. DropIn

If you are a fan of Tetris and have more than a handful of connections, you might find DropIn an entertaining way to spend your next company conference call. By dropping your connection names down as in Tetris, it provides a novel way to learn about those you have connected with.

5. Year in Review

This app claims to be the most popular email in LinkedIn history. With the crazy job market over the last several years you will be amazed as this app creates a visual representation of every connection you have who changed jobs in a given year. You might be amazed when you see the results of running this app.If you wonder how the placement industry is doing, install and run Year in Review and you will have your answer.

6. TextIn

Addicted to text messaging? If so, TextIn is designed just for you by providing access to the power of LinkedIn through your text toy. Only available in the US, I have connections that use this app almost exclusively for their LinkedIn activity throughout the work week.

7. Signal

One of the more serious apps for business, Signal has already made it out of LinkedIn Labs and into the main LinkedIn menu of options. By providing deep filtering and selection criteria, users can narrow down topics, companies and people in very powerful ways. Also provides trending links, industry top headlines and the ability to view updates with LinkedIn by category and connections. If you are a serious, heavy user of LinkedIn, I heartily recommend taking a look at Signal.

8. InMaps

If you are a visual person, InMaps will become one of your favorite LinkedIn Applications. InMaps builds a visually impressive map of all of your connections, clustering them together based on their inter-relationships. You just might uncover some helpful information about who you are connecting to and how they are all related. Note: If you have an extra large number of connections, you will not be able to view your map at this point. I cannot view my InMaps as I have over 8,000 connections to give you an idea of what LinkedIn might consider large.

9. ChromeIn

If you are a fan of Google’s Chrome browser and a LinkedIn power user, you will want to try ChromeIn. This slick app easily and quickly integrates LinkedIn directly into your Chrome toolbar, providing one-click access to your updates.

10. Instant Search

The name of this one says it best – Instant Search. It is built to search LinkedIn by using the new LinkedIn code that all the techies know but you don’t need to (LinkedIn Javascript API’s). Results are presented in a very helpful view with headshots and titles, rather than just a list of names when searching for a person. When you search for a company name, you are presented with everyone that has worked for that company. Very fast results also.

11. Swarm

If just to see the awesome graphical display, everyone should try Swarm. This app displays the previous hours most popular searches in an active word cloud format. Various categories rotate on your screen. I am using Swarm and a very informative screen saver on my desktop. The search categories are always a surprise and you might be surprised with the results. One of my favorites.

12. Infinity

This is another visually stunning application from LinkedIn Labs. Built on the cooliris foundation, Infinity allows you to click and drag anywhere on the wall of connections to navigate forward or backward. You can search using the magnifying glass. If you hover over a thumbnail, you will be presented the name and title, and by clicking on the thumbnail you will be able to view to see the details of the connection. Make sure that you click on the full-screen arrows in the bottom right hand corner of this application to get the full wow-factor that the app can provide. Visually stunning and a unique way to view your connections.

All of these apps might not be of benefit to you, but you should find one or two at least that can enhance the information and power that is behind your LinkedIn account. Make sure to bookmark LinkedIn Labs and watch for new additions every month or two. The date is provided to help get you started while exploring in the labs. Have fun and tell us which are your favorites.
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Most of these apps are just eye candy. However, the Chrome extension, Instant Search, and Resume Builder actually serve a purpose and seem useful.

PaulBiedermann moderator

This is like a master class in how to turbo-charge one’s LinkedIn engagement with apps I knew nothing about. Thanks for this great list for 12 Most, Miles!


@milesaustin Miles, you are on a roll with your content. You're my fave new find this week. You give us usable, relevant tips. Love it. The only thing I need you to do is the Vulcan MindMeld so I can be as smart as you!


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