12 Most Annoying Social Media Habits

12 Most Annoying Social Media Habits

Of course, the greatest social media sin is to be uninteresting; here are some things you can do to be downright annoying.

1. Posting too often

This is defined as “more than anybody wants” and that can vary, depending on the relevance of your posts to your audience. Not sure if you’re posting too often? Ask some trusted friends and colleagues offline.

2. Posting too close together

Not the same as the above. You may have very interesting posts but if they all come at once, you clog up the feed. Don’t tweet every 10 seconds. Space them out.

3. Being cryptic

Posts like “This bites” with no explanation are a waste of everyone’s time. No guessing games, please.

4. Using the wrong voice

Who’s speaking? Is it you personally? Is it the character of the brand?  A post from Universal Widget Corporation like “I have some great advice for you” next to the company logo confuses the reader. Who the heck is “I?”

5. Mixing business and personal

If you’re posting on your company’s Facebook page, don’t put pictures of your kids or your dog, and certainly don’t use them as your company’s profile picture even if you own the company. You’re at work now; leave home at home.

6. Posting long, messy URLs

Don’t post links like http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/17/dining/ice-cream-favorites-grow-up-a-good-appetite.html?_r=1&ref=dining   It’s like leaving your laundry on the couch when company comes over; nobody wants to look at all that clutter. Use a URL shortener like bit.ly; the URL above could have been http://nyti.ms/rpeMLh … much neater.

7. Begging for friends and fans

Posts like “please like us!” and “c’mon, we need 500 fans!” and “please retweet” are self-serving. Post things that are useful to readers and they will like you.

8. Not putting your profile picture out there

Nobody’s going to talk to someone with a bag over his head.

9. Guilting people into posting

“Make this your status for the next hour: find a cure for cancer now; bet you won’t do it” is tiresome. Of course people want to find a cure for cancer, but they won’t do it on Facebook.

10. Being wrong

Check your facts before posting, especially if you’re not an expert in the field you’re posting about.

11. Being inane

“Chocolate cake is good.” Okaaaay…

12. Being a bully

Your political views are your business, and a lively discussion can be enjoyable. But don’t call people idiots or think that the only valid viewpoint is the one you hold.
In short, think before you post, and understand what your audience is looking for. If not, it will go away and you may not even know it.

Featured image courtesy of the Italian voice licensed via creative commons.

Kim Phillips


Kim Phillips is the founder of Lucid Marketing and author of the Lucid at Random blog.  With over 30 years of experience in corporate advertising for a major financial institution, sales and marketing, Kim provides clients with marketing communication strategies, branding, content management and creative services.  She is a teacher and speaker, and she finds time for musings and the occasional rant on her personal blog. 

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