12 Most Effective Uses of the 120 on Twitter (Yeah, I Said 120!)

12 Most Effective Uses of the 120 on Twitter (Yeah, I Said 120!)

So I know Twitter has been around for 5 years now and everyone and their brother or sister has written a post like this. Come to think of it, I think I saw the Pope writing about his Twitter techniques… not really.

So here are what I think are the 12 Most known or unknown actions that get a reaction within 140 characters.

1. Only use 120 characters

Yeah, that’s right. If you can train yourself to get it done in 120 you help your readers share it without needing to fruit ninja it up. Using Hootsuite can help train you. They start making your character usage in RED once you go past 120.

2. Know your hashtag

Use your hashtags appropriately! Everyone hates a hashtag spammer or off track statement with it. Using hashtags can instantly get you into the conversation and meeting new people! More than 3 hashtags is a bit much. Leave your readers saying “WTH – What the Hashtag?” Make sure it is done in a 120!

3. Shorten your links

Always shorten those links at every chance! It helps the tweeter give some color on the link itself. Make sure it is done in a 120!

4. RT in “quote” or “via” mode to add your thoughts

Yes this one is a struggle even for me. I do believe at any chance you have, to RT and make sure you add a little comment yourself. Just remember the RT breaks the @reply path that is tracked by most 3rd party apps. I have found Twitter does not do a good job yet at this conversation tracker. Make sure it is done in a 120!

5. Tweet rap lyrics

Ok maybe this may be mine, but I have started more conversations and met more of my followers by tweeting out the rap lyrics I am listening to on the radio or through Google music. Look at my profiles, it does not seem like it fits, right? That is the point find — something that is new about yourself you have not shared! Make sure it is done in a 120!

6. Ask someone how they are doing, stop broadcasting how you are all the time

If you have not talked to someone in a while stop by and @reply them. Make sure it is done in a 120!

7. @reply the right way, stop using the “.” (period)!

Yes if you @reply people appropriately you can allow people to participate in the full conversation because the full conversation can be researched. Once you RT or put that “.” in front of the @ it breaks the connecting points. When using Seesmic and people use the @ reply right, it is pure butta! You can see the full conversation! I will admit when the @ reply changes came out in Twitter a few years back I was a huge violator of the .@twitterhandle! Once I saw the light I avoided the “.” (period)! Make sure it is done in a 120!

8. Acknowledge when someone just wants to know if someone is listening!

When someone says good morning, say good morning back. When they ask a question answer it! Even if it is to direct them to someone you know that is an expert. When someone needs help, help them & keep the funny stuff until the help has actually helped. Don’t be a sarcastic smart ass when someone is needing some help. It does not help. Now once the person is helped and all is well, then a couple of funny tweets are funny!  Make sure it is done in a 120!

9. Manage your closets of information

This suggestion is not what you do within the 140, it is what you do to get involved with all the 140s! You need to organize your lists, the people you are following, and hashtags. To do this you need a Seesmic, TweetDeck, Hootsuite, Threadsy, Sprinklr, Radian6, Salesforce (CRM)! Organize this information into columns and start listening, engaging, evaluating, educating, laughing, question, and @replying to this information. Make sure it is done in a 120!

10. Too many RTs and too many of your readers go “What the Retweet are you doing?”

If you see 6 RTs in the tweet use a @reply to the all the participants and include the original link (shortened, of course) or get the URL from the original tweet and put this in your @reply tweet. This ensures all tweeters get the credit and acknowledged for the conversation. My rule 2 RTs in the tweet, that’s it! Make sure it is done in a 120!

11. Don’t allow your integrated apps to tell the story of your photos.

I have seen some integrated apps add information to the tweet and it has made no sense. So first be aware of your integration architecture (psst we all have this you may just have a different word for it like “All my things that are hooked together”, “My integrated apis”, “The profiles I have hooked together”). Make sure you explain your photos and videos.  If you don’t we will and sometimes it might not go over well… Make sure it is done in a 120!

12. Always acknowledge and respond in a timely fashion to @replies to you.

The majority of us are not Bieber, Obama, Scoble, Zuckerburg, Winkelvoss Twins, Lady Gaga, JayZ so @reply people. If you want discrete conversation, at a minimum, tell the person you will DM them. Or just DM them back. Leaving someone hanging on an @reply is unacceptable. I do believe I have acknowledged every @reply. If I have not, please put me on blast! Hold me accountable! Make sure it is done in a 120!

I have acknowledged three people in my tags that I have had the pleasure of interacting with and learning from to make my 120 the most effective it can be. The others are all mine. You may want to reach out and ask which one is theirs…

Featured image courtesy of Jorge Franganillo licensed via Creative Commons.

Keith Privette


Keith Privette is a Senior Project Consultant with Stratactical Consulting by day, but by night he is a Social Business Analyst developing a whole new social paradigm on how marketing, operations, HR, customer service, product and service development integrates itself in the new social paradigm that involves technologies, data gathering, observing customers, increasing productivity from employees and vendors, and efficiently tracking, connecting to real business results. A digital sherpa, a digital sociologist, and technology practitioner helping non-profits and fellow colleagues learn and understand this new world of social business. He has over 12 years of experience with many different technology platforms.  Spends his days making marketing, customer service, non-profits, and financial service departments work more efficiently for the customer and employee. The last couple years he has been running the social strategy for Free Arts Minnesota.  A nonprofit locally based in Minneapolis/St. Paul. This included establishing social properties, email campaigns, digital operations along with CRM platform integration to increase awareness and donations for the organization. Keith has has vast experience with effectively deploying wide variety of technology platforms from salesforce.com to a behavioral financial quiz website.   You can find Keith Privette hanging out in Virginia Beach, Virginia these days (just recently relocated)

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