12 Most Beneficial Reasons to Resist Indifference

12 Most Beneficial Reasons to Resist Indifference

I ran across a T-shirt with the words “Rebel against your own indifference” and I immediately fell in love with it. In a world that can overwhelm us with so much bad news, it can be exhausting.  Indifference may follow.

However, we must not give in.

We have unknowable strength inside of us to withstand the stinking piles of bad news, set backs, and “evil” people out there, yet it is so easy to take a break from it and pull ourselves out of the game for a moment. However, our ability to get back into action weakens once indifference kicks in. That’s the problem.

We need everyone engaged and in the game to make our teams, companies, communities better.  When you resist indifference, these 12 benefits will follow:

1. Triumph

We love underdog stories. In part, because we want to see those struggling raise their fists in victory by beating the odds or overcoming doubt. The invigoration of rising above a setback is contagious. Spread it.

2. Innovation

For companies, indifference breeds mediocrity. Mediocrity infests hearts and minds and weakens products, services, and teams. The world is potent with wicked problems and we need innovative ideas to solve them.

3. Growth

Whether it be you, your team, or your company, resisting indifference promotes free growth. It’s the type of growth that surprises, delights, and confounds. Growth in business or skills is what’s available when indifference is resisted.

4. Connectedness

Indifference causes conflict, stress, and difficulty with others. Resisting indifference will position you and others to connect more deeply. I suspect it has something to do with triumph. My experience is that individually or collectively, rebounding from setbacks or navigating through bad news will draw you closer to everyone involved.

5. Surprise and Curiosity

Once on the other side of indifference, you begin to see things in a different light. This makes us more willing to be pleasantly surprised by “accidents.” It inspires curiosity that can lead to innovation and growth. When you shed indifference, the possibilities are limitless.

6. Renewed passion

We’ve all been overwhelmed, conflicted, or angry.  These are very the low points. Overcoming these low points raises us to new heights and  renews our passion for our work.

7. Resilience and Adaptability

I’ve learned and witnessed the unfathomable depths of the human spirit. When we come out the other side of a tough season, we learn the depths of our own resilience and ability to adapt to changing realities. It’s hard to see this when going through the challenges, but you’ll be a lot strong on the other side when you push through it.

8. Moved

I’ve become a bit of a crier as I age. This one is very personal, but I suspect I’m not alone. It’s in part because I’ve gone through the ups-and-downs a several times and and each time I come out of it, I cherish the joys in life even more.  Stronger emotions is one treat you enjoy when resisting indifference.

9. Engaged

Just take any of the items prior to this one and you’ll see how increased engagement in your work is possible when indifference isn’t allowed to creep into your mind, your heart.  Engagement is always good.

10. Humbled

Making a difference at work or in someone’s life is truly humbling. When that happens, it’s easy to see that life isn’t about ourselves. It’s witnessing the joy on someone’s face that makes us want to do it again for them. Indifference robs us of this feeling.

11. Vulnerable

This is tricky in the business world. In reality, most of us have our defenses up.  However, having some level of vulnerability lets people know that you’re not too hardened and that indifference hasn’t settled in.

12. Wisdom

With hard times, stress, and conflict hovering around indifference, we learn much about ourselves and others when we resist indifference and move forward. Once through the challenging time, we’ve gained wisdom and can see why people struggle. If we let indifference settle in, we struggle to learn about ourselves and make sense of what’s happening around us.


So much more is available to us when we resist the tug of indifference. The depths of our ability to care enough to make a difference in our own life or in our co-workers’ lives deepens and we are all better off. Yes, these are complicated times, but they present so much for us to explore. Together we can find ways to better our companies, communities, and deepen the meaning of the work we do.

Keep pushing forward.

Photo courtesy of Liina Novy, used under creative commons. Some rights reserved.

Shawn Murphy


Shawn Murphy is founder and president of Achieved Strategies. He works with organizations helping leaders bring out the best in their people during times of change and through leadership development. His purpose is to help organizations restore optimism in the workplace and to work with leaders to lead in the 21st century. When not working, he blogs at Switch and Shift on topics to help leaders inspire optimism and New Era Leadership. He’s a coffee addict. Music fiend. Dry humorists. Movie junkie. Wannabe painter/artist. He’s working on his first book.

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