12 Most Ridiculous Truffle Innards

12 Most Ridiculous Truffle Innards

If you’re a foodie, truffles might mean an incredibly expensive mushroom unearthed by specially trained truffle pigs and dogs. Dogs are preferred to pigs because pigs eat the truffles, and their owners carry a stick to beat the pigs away before they devour the high-priced fungi.

In my house, truffles mean little chocolate treasure boxes surrounding delicious centers of fruit, nut butters, or even more serotonin-inducing chocolate. We also have to use a stick to beat people away from eating our truffles.

Truffle hunting is a serious enterprise for our family and quite often we resort to manufacturing our own. We have encountered some delicious combinations and some disasters. I present to you a virtual box of chocolates containing a dozen ingredients, good and bad, that we have unearthed in our desperate need to ease our cravings as trufflaholics.

1. Bacon Truffle

For those lucky recipients of the vibrant purple box, you may well recognize Vosges Haut-Choclaut. We’ve tried the bacon truffle. It was like a wild night on the town that you don’t quite remember. You think you had fun, but if you dig too deep, you might find something you regret.

2. Super-Charged Truffle

I am just plain disappointed in this. A hyper-caffeinated truffle sounds like both a waste of good chocolate and a waste of good caffeine. Do you think if you wash it down with Four Loko you’ll end up on the evening news?

3. Balsamic Vinegar

I love balsamic vinegar…on salad! I am struggling to imagine biting into a creamy, cocoa-coated ball of vinegar. It’s tangy and tart, true, but is it tasty? Someone please buy me one of these truffles so I can make a decision once and for all.

4. Basil Truffles

I’m all for herbs enhancing desserts (look for a future blog post on this topic!) but the unfortunate look of these basil truffles would send the wary running. I, however, would bravely pop a whole one in my mouth and chomp away. I might not be so cavalier with the other flavors mentioned in their blog, including peas and carrots and garlic.

5. A Shot of Truffle

Check out the second one down on the left. A truffle with tequila? Now that’s just ridiculous!

6. Black Pearl

Sorry, no Johnny Depp here but we are back to Vosges, to see what happens when the soul of the European-based truffle encounters Eastern inspiration. The Black Pearl wraps dark chocolate around ginger-wasabi, dotted with sesame seeds. Do we eat it with chopsticks?

7. Spooky Truffles

When I saw the name Fat Turkey Chocolate, my first thought was “Someone stole my idea!” One day I hoped to be the first to introduce the world to the Thanksgiving Truffle, which obviously is chocolate wrapped around turkey, stuffing and gravy, topped with cranberry. But Fat Turkey’s Ghost Pepper Truffle is innovative enough. The world may not be ready for gravy in a truffle.

8. Healthy Truffles

I am all for healthy eating, but really, do we need a truffle that’s packed with fiber and life force?

9. Sweet Potato Truffle

Again, someone trying to beat my Thanksgiving truffle to the market, this sweet-potato obsessed truffle maker devised her own recipe for a ridiculous truffle filling.

10. Prune Truffles

Don’t wrinkle up your nose. Prunes are amazing and it’s ridiculous NOT to try prune truffles. It’s also ridiculous that something this good is so easy to make.

11. Unforgettable Truffles

So named because they contain a liqueur made from a fruit loved by elephants in Kenya. I adore elephants and I adore truffles. One day I will ride on an elephant and eat this truffle.

12. Ant Truffles

People will eat anything if it’s covered with chocolate, won’t they? I’m not absolutely sure this qualifies as a truffle but it’s supremely ridiculous. Considering people have eaten these ants for hundreds of years, you’d think I’d be more open-minded, but remember I wasn’t even impressed with the caffeinated truffle. I’ve got high standards.

By now you’ve possibly reached your credit card limit buying and shipping several of these truffles to me with the hopes that I’ll eat them, love them, and then eat my words. But honestly, truffle making is a simple form of dessert art that allows you to experiment with your own flavor combinations and discover something truly delicious. The hard candy-coated truffles take more work, but the softer truffles open a world of possibilities. We’ve made several and invented our own based on what’s sitting at the back of our cupboard that needs to be used before it expires. You, too, can clean out your kitchen and find inspiration. Share your amazing results, but don’t you dare attempt my Thanksgiving truffle. Its time has not yet come.

Featured image courtesy of jamesjyu licensed via creative commons.

Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan


Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan is a writer and mother to three boys that are forced to endure her edible adventures weekly. Desserts are her speciality, as well as failed pancake experiments. Elizabeth writes the blog Try It & You May and Our Better Daycare. She also owns Sweet Tooth Communications, LLC. You can follow Elizabeth at @prbysweettooth and find her on Facebook at Facebook.com/SweetToothCommunications.

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