12 Most Meta Social Media Moments

12 Most Meta Social Media Moments

Have you ever gotten the feeling when commenting on Twitter just how strange it was? Social media has changed the way we communicate, but usually we don’t notice. It takes a special moment for us to step outside the medium and become aware. I dub these “meta moments”.

This is a listing of 12 newsworthy events that reveal the nature of social media.

1. Mark Davidson’s ghost writer

One strange tweet led some to doubt that Mark Davidson was a real person. A very real Davidson later revealed the nature of the hoax as just a little mischief to show how unreliable Twitter is as a new source. In this instant we were reminded that misinformation spreads faster online.

2. Charlie Sheen

A very public meltdown occurred when Sheen was fired from the popular show “Two and a Half Men”. Some of his most popular phrases from his rants have entered the lexicon, including “winning” and “tiger blood”. Did the instant feedback of social media push Sheen farther down the spiral?

3. Facebook has over 750 million users

When Facebook opened its doors to the public at large no one was prepared for its dominance. As of July 2011 they have hit 750 million users, which is the equivalent of the estimated world population in 1750! It will take something less than the industrial revolution to bump their user base into the billions.

4. Betty White hosts SNL

After appearing in a Snicker’s ad that aired during the 2010 Superbowl fans quickly gathered on Facebook to promote White as an SNL contender. History was made when she hosted for the first time in May of that year. People are listening to what fans have to say and sometimes they even do something about it.

5. Susan Boyle has a dream

The world discovered Susan Boyle shortly after her performance on “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2009. The video was quickly spread over news outlets and despite losing in the finale she has gone on to great acclaim. Services like YouTube where users have access to international media means any video has a chance to go global.

6. Rebecca Black

When “Friday” premiered on YouTube it was dubbed “the worst song ever made”. Despite the reputation of the video, Rebecca received her own recording deal and an appearance in a Katy Perry video. There is a thin line between infamy and fame.

7. Gawker password scandal

It was hard to believe in December 2010 that the commenter accounts of Gawker had been hacked. It became clear that many individuals had used these same passwords for multiple accounts. Remember, nothing is as private or as secure as you believe.

8. My Little Ponies

Rarely a meme has such a following that it bleeds into other forms of entertainment; but such is the power of “My Little Pony ”. Creators of the show have adapted to their mature audience and regularly dialogue with their adult fans on 4chan.This type of dialogue is a key factor for the future of media online and off.

9. Perform this way

Weird Al has had a single blocked by an artist before, but when Lady Gaga turned down his latest, fans took to Twitter to sort it out. It wasn’t long for the diva to respond to the outcry and correct the situation by giving her approval. A committed group of social media users can cause such a buzz that a diva can’t ignore it.

10.Twitter DJ

Twitter and Media seem to be BFF’s and nothing proved this more than when MTV ran a contest for the first Twitter DJ. The Twitter account has been quiet for the past few months, but maybe this has more to do with the fact that MTV rarely shows music videos. Twitter is here for the long haul, but few have mastered how to use it effectively.

11. YouTube accounts hacked

YouTube is experiencing a rash of hacked accounts that started with Sesame Street. Other prominent accounts that have been hit are Microsoft and Fred. No account is unhackable, even if you are Sesame Street.

12. Kids React

The success of The Fine Brothers “Kids React” series has finally propelled the YouTube duo over the one million subscriber mark and garnered attention from the biggest news outlets. The shows premise is that kids from five to their teens comment on viral videos. It seems that Meta references are here to stay.

Abed Nadir, a character from NBC’s “Community”, is the poster child of Meta. In one episode he astutely states:

Abed: [opens a Christmas gift marked “Meaning of Christmas”] It’s the first season of Lost on DVD.
Pierce: That’s the meaning of Christmas?
Abed: No. It’s a metaphor. It represents lack of pay-off.

Meta moments can be humorous or thought provoking. When we find them we should treasure them because they give us insight into what is really going on behind the scenes. Do you have a moment to share?

Featured image courtesy of tinyfroglet licensed via Creative Commons.

Susan Silver


Susan is a copywriter who crafts content strategies that rank. She is also the community manager for Gygax Magazine. She shares information on business, social media, and writing.

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The Susan Boyle (and Jackie Evancho) were both great stories that were aided by social media. And a huge concern we must always stay diligent about: misinformation spreads faster online

PaulBiedermann moderator

Thanks for this fun post, Susan and welcome to 12 Most!

I remember most of these “Meta Moments” of course, but Susan Boyle and Betty White stand out as favorites! The world has changed and these poignant events wouldn’t have happened without the power of social media and the ability for things to go viral.


Great list Susan. What I love is WHO and WHAT goes viral is so, dare I say, democratic!

PegFitzpatrick moderator

Welcome to 12 Most Susan!
Really fun post - I especially like the Betty White reference, that totally resurged her career and was fun to see the voice of the public be recognized.


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