12 Most Special Ways to Say Thank You This Thanksgiving

12 Most Special Ways to Say Thank You This Thanksgiving

Standing out in a world of autopilot leadership isn’t that hard.  It all starts with thanking people.

Everyone thanks differently, but leaders must thank bigger and never leave doubt of their appreciation.  Take time to do it right.  It’s so important.

Here are 12 special ways to say thank you this Thanksgiving:

1. Walk up to them and say it

It can be as simple as walking up to a team member and telling them how thankful you are for them.  You can never say it enough.  If you are really thankful, don’t hesitate to say what chokes you up.  Be brave.  Be thankful. Be vocal.

2. Write them a handwritten note

I hate writing handwritten notes, so if you ever get one from me you know I am thankful.  I doubt that I’m unique in that way.  In a computerized world, handwritten notes will stand out.

3. Give them a personal gift

I hate gifts that are boring, thoughtless, or sterile.  Giving someone a considerate gift says you actually thought about them.  It says you are really thankful.

4. Share their creation with the world

In a digital world, sharing is caring.  Thank someone who writes, records, or builds something by tweeting, sharing, or blogging about their creations.

5. Blog about your thankfulness

Although it was general in nature, last Thanksgiving I wrote a “Thank You Notes” blog post and emailed it to the people I was thinking about when writing it.  It gave me a chance to demonstrate how strongly I felt, without making it too public.  Not everyone is a fan of the limelight.

6. Record a video thank you message

If you’d like to thank one person (YouTube example)  or a whole group (Facebook example), video is a personal way to say thank you when you can’t be with them in person.

7. Donate to a cause in their honor

Giving to a special non-profit in their honor is not only special, but makes a difference in the lives of others.

8. Make them something

If you have any particular skill at crafting nice things, then don’t hesitate to bake, build, write, or paint them something as a thank you.  Just make sure it’s actually nice.

9. Share a meal with them

Take them out to lunch or dinner.  Breaking bread is a great bonding experience and a wonderful way to say thank you.

10. Give them your time

Time is money.  Time is precious.  Say thank you by giving them your time and attention.  Drink a bottle of wine, write them a LinkedIn recommendation, help them move some furniture, or just listen.  Whatever you do, make sure it isn’t distracted time.  Put the cell phones, text messages, or emails on hold.  Your attention will show how thankful you are.

11. Make an introduction

Never underestimate the value of your network.  If you’ve been meaning to introduce this person to someone they should know, take the chance to say thank you by making the introduction.

12. Pay it forward

The movie “Pay it Forward” was interesting and helped showcase what might be possible if people paid good deeds forward multiple times.  If you are thankful to someone you can’t contact, pay it forward.


In a changing world, there is little certainty for what the future holds.  What should leaders invest in?  Invest in relationships.

Say thank you.

Have a thankful day,


Aaron Biebert


I'm a leader, blogger, speaker, story teller and fellow 8pmWarrior. I believe in passionately chasing my goals at all times.

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I loved the movie Pay It Forward and frequently reference the concept in blogs and presentations. The "Give Them Time" goes a long way and should not be underestimated. It isn't always about money...it's about knowing they count, and you are aware of their talents, their contributions, and perhaps a little bit about what makes them tick outside the workplace.

Nice blog, Aaron.


Thank you for these reminders on how the little things can mean so much, Aaron!


Number 2 is often overlooked, so it is even more powerful when received. All good ways... do all, all the time! Be thankful! Thank you, Aaron!

Nathan Nommensen
Nathan Nommensen

Awesome list, Aaron. Thank you for everything you have done for me this year! I really appreciate all of your help.


Hello Aaron....what a very appropriate post for this beginning of the holiday season. We get so caught up in our own stresses and concerns that we so often forget to show gratitude...thankfulness. These 12 points are all very do-able and so powerful. Thank you for reminding us to slow down and open our eyes to others and show them just how much we appreciate them.

I appreciate you and thank you for your dedication and passion!



@dbvickery Pay it Forward was a nice movie. It's too bad it doesn't really spread like that much in real life. The concept is still awesome though.

Thanks the encouragement.


@BruceSallan Bruce, thank you for the encouragement and thanks. You are very welcome, and much appreciated.


@ThinDifference I agree. #2 is definitely overlooked, which is why I think it is so effective right now.

Thanks for the comment!


@Nathan Nommensen Nate, you are very welcome man. Thank you for all you've done too. The thanks is mutual.


@SocialMediaDDS Claudia, how come you're always so sweet? :-)

I'm glad you enjoyed the post and I can see that you are a very thankful and generous person. It makes the world so much brighter!

Thank you Claudia!!


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