12 Most Engaging SEO’s on Twitter

12 Most Engaging SEO’s on Twitter

When Twitter first launched many skeptics pinned the “latest social networking site” as a fad, predicting its inevitable disappearance before the end of the year. But over five years later Twitter has continued to experience rapid growth and is now the third most popular social networking site, according to a recent Forrester survey.

So what riveting quality which continues to hook thousands of visitors by the minute did those initial naysayers overlook?

In my opinion, one of the reasons Twitter is so wonderful is its ability to bridge the gap between the Average Joe and those individuals we deem “celebrities”. The term celebrity may refer to thought leaders in a specific industry, large brands, or yes, even Lady Gaga: in short, any widely recognizable persona who is talked about by others. Outside of Twitter, how often do regular individuals get the chance to converse with Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber or Rand Fishkin? (SEO’s can I get a what, what!)

This unique networking opportunity carries over into the world of SEO. Since joining Twitter I’ve had the ability to converse with SEO experts and industry “celebrities” who I never would have encountered outside the social network. These SEO’s not only continually put out useful information but also take the time to engage with and answer questions from the average Twitter user. So for all you other SEOs out there, who are the top SEO Experts to follow on Twitter? They are (in no particular order), drumroll please…

1. Rand Fishkin – @RandFish

Rand, next to Matt Cutts, is one of the most recognizable faces in SEO. Founder of SEOmoz, Rand has propelled both the awareness and knowledge of SEO to new levels. SEOmoz puts out some of the highest quality SEO instructional videos, training guides and blog articles in the industry.

2. Wil Reynolds – @wilreynolds

Wil is the founder of SEER Interactive and focuses heavily on measuring SEO success in terms of a company’s bottom line. Not only is Wil knowledgable on the practices of SEO but he’s also an excellent public speaker. Wil has made many appearances at Affiliate Summit, and often posts insider takeaways from the best search events in the country.

3. Will Critchlow – @willcritchlow

Co-founder of the highly revered SEO and PPC agency, distilled, Will is not only a great public speaker, but also a fellow Brit! Will is a Google Certified Partner and received his degree in mathematics, both of which give him an interesting perspective on the practice of SEO.

4. Joost de Valk – @Yoast

Joost has many years experience as a web developer and online marketer which gives a holistic view to his approach to SEO. As a web developer Joost has built many valuable SEO tools housed on his site Yoast.com.

5. Rae Hoffman-Dolan – @SuggarRae

Some of Rae’s specialties include content and affiliate marketing. Rae’s online expertise has helped thousands of families through her site, the Pediatric Stroke Network, which she started after her son suffered from a Pediatric Stroke.

6. Dr. Peter J. Meyers – @dr_pete

Dr. Meyers brings an analytical side to SEO with a background in cognitive psychology. As President of User Effect, Dr. Meyers focuses largely on website usability in the business sector.

7. Eric Enge – @StoneTemple

Eric is the President of Stone Temple Consulting and in addition to SEO has a great deal of knowledge about Web Analytics. Eric got his start in the technical industry as a software developer.

8. Danny Sullivan – @dannysullivan

Often heralded as the “search engine guru” Danny got his start in SEO at the very beginning, 15 years ago. Danny now provides the latest insider info on the state of the search industry via his site Search Engine Land, one of the top news sources for SEOs.

9. Michael Gray – @graywolf

Michael has had much success in the e-commerce arena, helping grow the monthly online profits for a major speciality retailer from an average of $10,000 to over $2M. Michael helps foster shared knowledge in the SEO community by serving as a moderator for Webmaster World, ThreadWatch and Sphinn.

10. Bill Slawski – @bill_slawski

Bill runs the online blog SEO by the Sea, a widely acclaimed industry resource which focuses on unearthing and interpreting patents that Google owns or has recently acquired. For those SEO’s who aren’t able to understand or even read through these hundred page long patents, heavy with technical jargon, Bill makes important information about algorithmic and technical advances widely accessible.

11. Michael King – @iPullRank

Michael has been labeled “one of the brightest up and coming SEO’s” by his peers. Michael’s strength as an SEO comes from the fact that he’s done it all: web dev, software dev, hacker, even rapper! Michael focuses a great deal on the technical side of SEO and writes wonderfully well-written articles for many of the top SEO companies, including distilled, SEOmoz and unbound.

12. Aaron Wall – @aaronwall

Aaron is the founder of SEOBook, an online training program, toolset and popular blog for SEO’s. Aaron Wall and his company have received mentions from TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal and NY Times, to mention a few. Aaron has been practicing SEO since 2003, and is happy to share insights into SEO with the rest of the Twittersphere.

All the individuals mentioned in the list above are not only smart SEO’s but also are friendly, helpful individuals. Follow them on Twitter to receive inside tips and advice for SEO’s, as well the opportunity to join in on engaging and thought provoking conversation.

Featured image courtesy of Pink Sherbet Photography licensed via Creative Commons.

Kathryn Armson


Kathryn is the SEO Coordinator at Critical Mass, a graduate from the IU School of Journalism and a guest writer for Linchpin SEO. Kathryn has a background in both traditional and digital marketing with experience in Social Media, SEO and Project Management. Kathryn was born in England and has lived and worked both abroad and throughout the US. Follow Kathryn on Twitter for updates on SEO, digital marketing and life in general.

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Thanks for including me on he list, I'll keep trying to earn it every day!! TY!


Great list.

I once emailed Rand Fishkin to ask him a few questions about how he got where he was in life, and he wrote me back within 3 hours. We've had some correspondences since then, and I'd argue that of your list he is not only the most knowledgable & best at teaching, but he is hands down the most engaging.

Thanks for the list Kathryn.


@12most @kaarmson Not only is this a great way to introduce big SEO's to follow on Twitter, but the education from these 12 will be limitless! Great 12 post Kathryn! -And now I can add you to my fab list on Twitter as well.... yay!


I love this! Great list of resources, Kathryn! Thanks for connecting me to more great people!


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Correction: Rae Hoffman-Dolan's twitter handle is @Suggarrae (with two r's) and not @Suggarae


Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone! I'm glad my post was useful. These SEO's put out some of the best beginner to advanced SEO advice on the web. I've started a Twitter list with all the Tweeps mentioned above, and I'll continue to add more users as I come across them. Feel free to follow the list or ask me questions if you want to learn more about SEO!

PegFitzpatrick moderator

Welcome to 12 Most Kathryn!

Love this list of experts that I will now be following - so much for learn in the SEO arena.

Look forward to more from you!



All great picks. I am a fondness for the insights from Distilled, Yoast, and Micheal Gray. I will have to check out the profiles for the names I don't recognize on the list. Thanks!

PaulBiedermann moderator

Thanks for this list, Kathryn. Many are skeptical of the very legitimate science and art of SEO — this helps separate the real deals from the imposters.

Welcome to 12 Most!


I agree Margi,

These so called "SEO gurus" give good/legitimate SEOs a bad name.


This is a fantastic resource, Kathryn! It's great to see that so many legitimate SEO experts are readily accessible on Twitter. There are a lot of self-proclaimed SEO gurus who can give the skill a bit of a bad name.

Thanks for writing for us!