12 Most Powerful Social Media Boosts from Working Out

12 Most Powerful Social Media Boosts from Working Out

If you don’t already go running, walking, lift weights, or some other kind of physical activity to increase your creativity and productivity, stop reading now and do 50 push-ups. If it takes you all day, so be it. Get it done.

During my most recent run, I realized that the best fitness advice is also excellent advice for businesses embarking of their first forays into social media.

1. Set goals

You don’t want to start any running or workout routine without a goal. Couch to 5K is a great program with a reasonably challenging long-term goal — get off the couch and run a 5K.

> Your social media goal could be similar. For instance, “Connect with 250 followers on Facebook.”

2. Start small

A friend’s personal trainer asked her to see how far she could run in 12 minutes. It was a very small step toward her goal but it was essential to completing the 5K.

> Same goes for your social media campaign. Set a goal like “Create a Facebook page for my business today.” You’re not going to get any followers unless you start somewhere.

3. Be consistent

Every day, do something to work toward your goal. Some days you may walk more than others, but you have to get out there.

> For your Facebook followers goal, make sure you work on this every day. Plan relevant content to share. Reach out to potential followers and engage on their terms.

4. Be honest

Don’t cheat your running goal by stopping short on that difficult hill.

> Don’t cheat your social media campaign by avoiding customer research, addressing negative feedback and product improvement. Give your best in each endeavor.

5. Be accountable

A great tweet from a health magazine suggested marking red x’s on the calendar when you miss a workout.

> The same thing goes for building your online relationships. It takes work. Seeing a lot of red x’s in a row could be the thing that motivates you NOT to skip your activity for the day.

6. Get a partner

Running is lots more fun with someone and you’re less likely to bail if you know someone else will call you out!

> This can work for your Facebook strategy, too. Find a non-competing fellow business owner or even a willing friend and ask them to check on you. Bounce ideas off them, too.

7. Cross train

You get better at running if you add in stretching and weights.

> You’ll get better at social media if you experiment with different methods, like using video or images to build relationships, engage customers and earn followers. Try out some other platforms, like LinkedIn.

8. Limit your junk food

Eating healthy will help you run better. So does including some fiber in your diet.

> Check the nutritional content of your own social media feeds. Are you including too much junk? Are you filling up on empty calories and left feeling hungry? Get some high quality content from leading experts.

9. Get good gear

Those high-end running shoes cost more but can improve your total workout experience. And ladies, do not neglect the sports bra. Great gear can prevent injury, increase your enjoyment and enhance your performance.

> Try a refurbished smartphone if your budget is tight. Other tools can be accessed for free, like HootSuite and LinkedIn.

10. Rest

Some days you aren’t feeling your best. Trying to push yourself through a difficult workout and really blowing it can make you feel worse.

> On those days when the dark cloud is fogging up your monitor’s screen, it may be time to take a break. You don’t want to ruin any of those hard-earned relationships right? Step away. Take a nap. Come back refreshed and operating at 100%.

11. Get a little competitive

After weeks of training solo, it can be refreshing and satisfying to hop into a neighborhood 5K and push yourself to perform.

> Along those same lines, taking on a challenging project or competing for a great client can push your brain and your creative inspiration to new limits.

12. Reward yourself

When you finish that 5K, celebrate! It doesn’t matter how fast you did it, save that kind of competition for your next effort — the 10K!

> When you hit 250 followers, celebrate! Host an event for your followers and promote the heck out it, starting with the next social media platform you plan to master… there’s no stopping you now!

It’s not going to be easy every day. Some days you’ll run in the rain, some days you’ll twist your ankle, and on really bad days you may fall down a muddy hill and collapse in a heap (ok, that probably only happens to the clumsy runners among us, but you get the idea!).

You’re never going to succeed if you don’t try, so take that first step. For goodness sake, create a Twitter account and make those first 140 characters count! Dig your running shoes out of the closet and run for one minute. And remember to give those other folks out there a thumbs-up as they work towards their goals. You’re a part of the community now and we have to support each other!

What goals have you set for yourself to take your social media to the next level? I can’t wait to see what you have to say in the comments below!

Featured image courtesy of Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com licensed via Creative Commons.

Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan


Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan is a writer and mother to three boys that are forced to endure her edible adventures weekly. Desserts are her speciality, as well as failed pancake experiments. Elizabeth writes the blog Try It & You May and Our Better Daycare. She also owns Sweet Tooth Communications, LLC. You can follow Elizabeth at @prbysweettooth and find her on Facebook at Facebook.com/SweetToothCommunications.

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Just the post I needed today, as the grey cloud was lingering. Hitting the gym now and hoping to come back refreshed. Thanks for the extra boost, Elizabeth!

PaulBiedermann moderator

Along the same lines of #2 is “slow and steady wins the race” — important to remember during this endless marathon of staying engaged on all the various social media platforms active, writing blogs, commenting, keeping websites current and all the other ways we keep our brands visible and alive these days!

Great analogies and great post, Elizabeth!


I was going to comment, but I'm too tired from those push-ups!


Celebrate this post! Celebrating the mile markers is essential to do... it may be a self hive five, but still important to do! Thank you!


@PRbySweetTooth As a runner, I love the parallels. Especially on those days when you don't feel quite like pushing but do it anyway, for the glorious finish!


Does the Pint I just had count under #12? I feel so healthy now.


Thanks for breaking it down and making it so do-able!


I always love the sports/fitness social media analogies Elizabeth, so I loved this. Related to more generic working out, I wrote about forefoot running...workout etiquette...and one of my personal favorites: Social Media and 6 Pack Abs ;)

Set Goals, Start Small and Be Consistent -> Excellent advice

PegFitzpatrick moderator


Love the connection that you made and you are SO on the money! I need to set my goals & get moving. My social media has taken a lot of my exercise time so I need to get back on track with it. Great end of the year ideas to get 2012 started right!


Everything about this post is great. Exercise plus inspiration for working smart - I dig it :)

Great post, Elizabeth!

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