12 Most Buffer-Worthy Posts from the Past Week

12 Most Buffer-Worthy Posts from the Past Week

With the launch of the Buffer button across the web last week, close to 500 blogs installed the button in the first week. Of course, what is most interesting for you here is that we now have a ton of data seeing which posts performed the best. Please click the title of the post for a link to the post.

Having that in mind, I wanted to give those bloggers with their awesome blogposts a bit more exposure and share them with you here. So without further ado, here are the top, most Buffer-worthy posts from the past week for you:

1. 64 Ways To Improve Your Twitter Marketing

The first top article comes from Dave Larson, aka @TweetSmarter. He wrote one of the most interesting and powerful articles on how to improve your Twitter marketing. The article is filled with the top tips, nicely displayed in easy to digest infographics. Be sure to hop over and drop this awesome piece into your Buffer, it’s one of the top posts of the week I found.

2. 10 Creative Ways To Level Up Your Presence On Facebook

Another stunning post that is well worth Buffering, comes from Pat Flynn over at SmartPassiveIncome. He has dug deep into various techniques to offer you a better Facebook experience. I especially enjoyed the “fill in the blank” tip, as this is something I haven’t done before, but worked incredibly well. Take a look over at his blog to get the most up to date ways on leveling up your Facebook presence.

3. Difference Between Hits, Page Impressions And Unique Visits

Ok, I have to admit it, I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to online analytics chargon. So I was even happier when Ileane Smith over at BasicBlogTips, got this fantastic piece up. Always wondered too what the difference between the three terms really means? Take a minute and check it out. This was a lesson that I gladly Buffered and suggest to drop into anyone’s queue too. My followers were very thankful too.

4. The World’s Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

If you would expect that this is yet another post on Old Spice and the rest, rest assured, it isn’t. Mark Schaefer found this amazing slideshow with some great videos and posted it recently. He also added some great commentary on why this is a new way of thinking about marketing. Check it out and see if you want to drop this awesome post into your Buffer. It’s a very powerful post.

5. How To Bake The Perfect Blogpost

One of the hardest things in blogging is to get started and things off the ground. So I always love to keep my eyes peeled for some tips to make things easier and more seamless. Tony Hastings has produced a stunning article recently on what you should consider to bake your perfect blogpost. Be sure to read his article. I would be interested whether it helps you the same way as it helped me.

6. 12 Most Rudimentary Ways to Improve Your Writing

One of the most Buffer-Worthy articles this week actually came — how could it be otherwise, from 12most itself. Kenna wrote an amazing post on how to improve your writing and I just loved reading it. Especially the tip on writing in speaking order is gold and I believe improves writing a lot. Take a peek at this wonderful piece over here and see if this is one you would like to drop into your Buffer as well.

7. Why I Deleted My Klout Profile

Yes, it seems the debates around Klout aren’t going to end anytime soon. Personally, I believe it is a very important topic to discuss online influence, so it is great to read so many interesting voices around it. One person that wrote a great piece about it is Pam Moore from PamMarketingNut with her recent post. It sheds light on various aspects of the Klout debate and can give you some interesting ideas for the debate. By the way, what are your thoughts on Klout? Is it useful for you?

8. 10 Powerful Productivity Tips You Can Practice

One blogger, who absolutely never disappoints me with his articles is Karthick from arkarthick.com. And with his recent post on making your more productive he once again gave me some great ideas to put into practice. Especially his tips on dealing with interruptions has been very powerful. Don’t be shy and check out his great post and see if this is another post worthy to go into your Buffer. It certainly was for me.

9. How Cold Calling (Properly) Works Better than AdWords

A great post this week also comes from one of my best, most recently discovered blogs called AsmartBear. Jason Cohen gives fantastic startup marketing tips and advice straight from someone who has done it several times already. With this post, which is actually a guestpost, I received a great reminder: that being yourself is one of the most powerful things. Hop over and drop it in your Buffer if you like.

10. 33 Ways To Reward Your Followers

A blogger who always posts from the heart is Aaron Lee from AskAaronLee.com. With his recent post on different ways to reward your followers I found a great post that helped me a lot with ideas for our followers. Simple things like responding under 1 hour everytime or handing over handwritten thank you notes are just a few for your inspiration. Be sure to check out his post and see if you would like to Buffer that one in the same way I did. I found this to be a stunning piece.

11. Me How To Get 300,000 Twitter Followers in 3 Steps

This one is actually a video by Jay Gould, who has just launched a fantastic new video site. He is interviewing top bloggers, such as the Ex-MySpace CEO. Amongst them is of course also Dave Larson from @TweetSmarter. Dave spills all his secrets on becoming a Twitter titan. This is truly an amazing video. If you have a few minutes left, check out this great video with Jay and Dave.

12. 7 Ways To Craft Your Facebook Posts For Maximum Shares

A post that stood out from the rest was Mari Smith’s recent piece. It is an amazing walk through on what you can do to craft great Facebook posts. What I like the best is that Mari gives some great examples for each of her 7 ways. This makes it very actionable and easy to follow. Do you think dropping this one into your Buffer is worthy enough? I definitely thought so and put it in… twice!

These were some of the top posts that I loved Buffering over the past week. Over to you now. Do you think some of them are interesting to share with your followers and friends too? Which one do you like the best? Has anyone of them landed in your Buffer?

Featured image courtesy of EvelynGiggles licensed via Creative Commons.

Leo Widrich


Leo Widrich is the Co-Founder of Buffer, a smarter way to post Tweets and Facebook posts. He also blogs Social Media tips every week over at the Buffer blog. Be sure to hit him up anytime on Twitter @LeoWid, he is a very nice guy.

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