12 Most Buffer-Worthy Posts For Your Christmas Holidays

12 Most Buffer-Worthy Posts For Your Christmas Holidays

Yes, can you believe it? 2011 is nearly over. Only a few days are left. I took the opportunity to check the Buffer analytics and see, which posts are well worthy to drop into your Buffer queue.

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1. Every Day is Someone’s First Day – Chris Brogan

Thoughtful post by Chris about his first day with something new and correlating that to business and social media. Are you welcoming YOUR guests at the front door with a smile and an introduction or assuming that they know all about you? You may be missing the point if you aren’t. Some steps and a plan to get you started with practical examples.

Start loading your Buffer here.

2. 12 B2B Social Media Predictions for 2012 – Jeffrey Cohen

Jeffrey shares some brilliant insight into trends for 2012. Love this “The social media purists, or treehuggers, will lie down in front of the business bulldozers and try to insist on softer approaches to social media execution. Don’t listen to them. Conversation, engagement and sharing are great, but generating leads and sales are okay too.”

A lot of great information packed into this post! Buffer and share the wealth.

3. 5 Free Tools For Finding Blog Topics That Generate Sales – Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines shares five smart and useful tips for small businesses, or anyone, to write successful blogs that generate sales. Imagine generating leads and  making MONEY from your blog? Kristi gives you some step-by-step suggestions that literally anyone can implement immediately.

Use these tips yourself and then Buffer!

4. 12 Things You Need To Do Before 2012 – Craig Jerrow

Craig’s blog tagline is: Helping you win the battle against wasted time, disorganization, and all other things evil…” This post fits right in this premise! As Craig would advice, don’t procrastinate, read this now and get started.

Buffer while you read to increase YOUR productivity.

5. The Surprising Truth About Blogging Every Day – Stanford Smith

Love this post by Stanford. Changing habits and reflecting are what we do at the end of the year – let Stanford’s momentum give you the kick start that you need to do something new and grow! I love the use of tweets to show his engagement and interest in his readers.

Reflect upon and buffer this baby!

6. Atypical Tips for Writing Awesome Blog Posts – Pat Flynn

Step by step outline on how to get started blogging and writing. Practical advice that can be used by writer’s at any stage of the game. The Content Pyramid is a great visual guide to content creation and blogging more effectively.

Buffer-worthy indeed!

7. The year’s 5 most-useful social media tools for PR and marketing – Adam Vincenzini

We are all learning that the way to social media success is successful implementation of the proper tools. This post outlines 5 of the latest and greatest tools for PR and marketing. This is a follow up post, make sure to check the post for the other 15 social media tools that make up the top 20 for 2011.

Buffering as a I write…you should too!

8. How Neil Patel Became a Successful Serial Internet Entrepreneur – Jay Gould

Have you found FoundVille yet? Jay Gould is creating some inspiring and informative video interviews – a new, not-to-be missed website! Learn from the movers and shakers  in their own words led by Jay’s expertise in interviewing.

Jay is building something great here – check it out & buffer away!

9. SocialMouths’ 10 Favorite Social Media Blogs Of 2011 – Francisco Rosales

Social Mouths is one of my go-to sites for great content and if Francisco Rosales is picking his 10 favorite Social Media blogs of the year, I am listening.

A great resource post to save and buffer for your followers.

10. How To Be Awesome On Social Media In 20 Minutes A Day – Summify

With a title like this, how can you NOT be excited to read and share this post. Written as a guest post for Summify, this post outlines a fantastic plan to cut your social media curation time and continue to provide excellent content.

Buffer App + Summify = Totally Awesome on Twitter. Buffer this post more than once.

11. 5 Ways to Give Yourself an Education That Kicks the Crap Out of the One You Got in School – Srinivas Rao

“Education as we know it is changing rapidly. The classroom is  no longer the only option to receive a world class education.”

Insightful post from Srinivas most definitely worth a read AND a buffer!

12. 7 Psychological Studies Reveal Secrets To Blogging Success – Gregory Ciotti

“You’ll find info on:

  1. Writing amazing content like a true expert
  2. Creating a blog design that keeps people around
  3. Establishing yourself as a likeable authority in your niche
  4. What it takes to get ‘excited’ people to convert

All backed by real science.” Fascinating post written and substantiated by 7 psychological research studies. Not just your Mama’s blogging tips.

This is the type of post that we created Buffer for!

What was YOUR most Buffer-Worthy post of the week? Please share in the comments.

Featured image courtesy of  Carol Browne  via Creative Commons.

Leo Widrich


Leo Widrich is the Co-Founder of Buffer, a smarter way to post Tweets and Facebook posts. He also blogs Social Media tips every week over at the Buffer blog. Be sure to hit him up anytime on Twitter @LeoWid, he is a very nice guy.

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You are coming up with them faster than I can read, Leo. Keep it up. I'll catch up eventually ;)


Your #1 is something I try to continually remind myself of. My clients, Small Business owners, are often brand new to using Social Media - especially as a Business tool. Every now and then I find myself getting too carried away engaging with other Marketers on Soc. Med. and talking 'over the heads' of my clients who are new to it all.I try to keep my Blog focused on their needs and not my own.

Great post.