12 Most Woof Reasons to have TWO Dogs

12 Most Woof Reasons to have TWO Dogs

I’m sure the title of this article got your attention. Isn’t one dog enough? Yes, of course one dog is better than none. But, two is better. We had three dogs but recently lost our beloved Tache, who had a beautiful and long 15-year life with us.

The virtues of having a dog companion have been enumerated here and everywhere, but the reasons for having two (or more) are often ignored. This article will rectify that omission.

The only reason this post is not the 12 Most Sexy Reasons to Have Two Women (in your life) is because I’m not European and Margie would kill me. Seriously, there are no good reasons for that, but here are truly 12 for having two dogs:

1. Dogs enjoy other dogs

While dogs are very often people animals, they enjoy their own kind just as much. Especially when they are left alone.

2. It’s the kind thing to do

So many dogs are in our shelters. Most are ultimately killed. What a blessing to save another dog and what a great lesson to model for your children!

3. Now, you can rescue two dogs or more

We hung out at the local shelters. Over time, we got to know the dogs there. And, over time, we adopted several of them. Every time I actually felt that we’d saved a life and I actually felt each dog knew it.

4. The vet may give you a second dog discount

Okay, dogs can be expensive. But, most vets will give you a second dog discount. Plus, vets are usually cool peeps so now you’ll be able to visit them more often.

5. You can buy dog food in greater bulk and fill up your pantry even more

Hello Costco, my favorite store!

6. If one dog is under the weather, the other is available

This is called unconditional love insurance. Dogs are unbelievable in their love towards their owners. Even sick, rarely will you not see a wagging tail.

7. No more fights over which side of your bed the dog sleeps

Now, one dog sleeps on my side of the bed and the other on my wife’s side. When I was divorced, the dogs slept in bed with me. Loved that. My wife put a stop to that.

8. Enjoy different breeds or mutts and different personalities

Every dog and every breed, just like people, are individual. The more dogs you have, the more fun you’ll enjoy with their varied personalities.

9. All that (dog) food might come in handy in an emergency

Dog food is nutritious. If that emergency tornado, earthquake, or power outage occurs, you’ve got food for the family.

10. More reasons to watch The Dog Whisperer

Don’t you just love Cesar Millan? Now, you’ll have double the reason to watch his show.

11. More responsibility for the children

Every kid wants a dog. Every parent tends to sternly inform the kid that they will have to do their share of dog duties. It’s up to you to actually enforce that.

12. Double the fun

Dogs are fun. Dogs are great company. Dogs are even entertainment when they play with each other. Why not double the fun?

To get some great ideas for what kind of dog(s) you may want to adopt (please save them from a local shelter), please read Lewis Poretz’s excellent post, The 12 Most Family Friendly Dogs.

Featured image courtesy of Chevysmom via Creative Commons. Photo in post is Tache, courtesy of the Sallan family.


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