12 Most Essential Ways to Interact with Customers

12 Most Essential Ways to Interact with Customers

The interaction between a company and its customers is becoming more and more important. With that said, how exactly we communicate with our customers is also changing thanks to the advent of new technologies.

Interacting with your customers can go a long way in not only helping you develop your brand, but also in bringing in additional customers as well.

The most significant question around all of this, however, is what exactly are some of the best ways to interact with customers. Below, I’ve broken down 12 essential ways to interact with customers.

1. Phone follow ups

First and foremost, following up with current customers is absolutely vital when it comes to delivering top notch customer service.

2. Build a website

Does your business or company have a website? If not, getting one is long past due. A website can go a long way in not only developing more sales but also fine tuning and crafting your brand as well.

3. Develop a social media presence

Believe it or not, the ROI for social media can take five years. Sure, you’re not likely going to sell a ton of products or services on a Facebook or Twitter page, but this doesn’t mean they’re any less important.

4. How about a chat?

Simply put, if you have a website which has a chat feature, it’s huge. If a customer is on your website and has a question, they can get instant feedback from a member of your team.

5. E-mail blasts

Just as the occasional follow up can go a long way, so to can the occasional e-mail follow up. More appropriately, an e-mail blast which announces upcoming specials and sales can go over really well.

6. Blogs

If you want to look like an authority leader you need to prove it. It’s always a great idea to look for online blogs related to your industry and provide the occasional guest post which a few backlinks to your website.

7. Open houses

What better way to interact with your customers than by hosting an open house at your business? This will not only help you get to know your customer base better, but it will also keep your business fresh in their minds.

8. Charity events

Hosting a charity event will not only help bring in new customers but it will also help show your community you care about the people who live in it.

9. E-Newsletters

Another great way to interact with your customers is via a simple e-newsletter. This is an incredibly cost-effective strategy as there are a number of free e-mail newsletter templates on the Internet to choose from.

10. Break up the monotony

It’s simple. Every customer is different. With that said, why would you ever want to interact with all of them the same way?

11. Keep your customers comfortable

Make your customers feel comfortable at your business. Offer them cookies or snacks, coffee or juice; anything that’s going to help them feel more comfortable.

12. Keep things simple

Above all, don’t try to overload customers with pointless interaction. Basically, don’t drive them nuts when dealing with them!

All in all the way you interact with customers is your decision. Hopefully these useful tips will give you some excellent ideas to consider and also implement. Lastly, when dealing with customers think about how you would like to be treated before making a crucial decision.

These are some of best ways that I’ve found to both attract and keep customers. What approaches work best for you in your business?

Featured image by Michal Koralewski licensed via stock.xchng

Sean Gray

Sean works at a used car dealership, which is where he learned his communication skills. Sean also blogs for www.cashfortrucks.com a very popular automotive website. You can reach Sean via email at sean-p@live.com.

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Cathy Bishop
Cathy Bishop

Indeed interaction between company and customers is very important, so that you can also retain customers and not just get new ones. For me, blogs and open houses are really effective ways to implement them.


Great suggestions, Sean. We definitely did an overhaul of our website although it isn't interactive. We hope to eventually drive Facebook fans and Twitter followers to be more interactive.

I agree that Charity Events injects a human element for your brand. It can only help when your customers know you care and put your time/talents/money where your mouth is!