12 Most Guaranteed Outcomes of Photography as a Hobby

12 Most Guaranteed Outcomes of Photography as a Hobby

Photography seems to be the favorite hobby of every third person I know. And the rest are on their way to reading about photography or learning photography or buying cameras and photography equipment or experimenting with existing cameras, gadgets and tools. I was wondering why photography is gaining so much popularity.
I ask some,
I Google a bit,
I observe a little,
I mull, ponder and reflect a lot…

In this blog, I have listed the 12 Most guaranteed outcomes of photography as a hobby.

1. Enables you to capture moments of life

One of the most obvious outcomes of photography is that it enables you to capture life moments and experiences. Given the convergence and integration of cameras with the mobile phone, it is becoming convenient, easy and affordable for everyone to take photographs. And then of course, a picture is worth a thousand words. So much said in one good photograph!

2. It’s a great reason (& excuse) to explore the world with a new lens

Photography gives you the reason (& excuse) to travel anywhere from the local vegetable market to the weekly flower market to the Himalayas to the far east to the cold south to any other coordinate in the world – just to capture that one perfect view, sunrise, sunset, picture, event, person, or moment.

3. You can re-connect with your creative side

Photography brings you closer to reality, to nature, to life. And this empowers you to re-connect with your creative side.

4. You can make some extra money

If you are really good, you can make some additional money – By participating in contests, by doing photo-shoots, etc. And who does not mind some extra money for doing things they love?

5. Makes you happy

Photography can make you personally happy and contented. Not to mention the additional delight when someone compliments you for your photos!

6. Keeps your social media profile active

If you have nothing really to say in your Twitter / Facebook / Blog, just upload a picture. So much is said with one photograph!! As a result, you can generate some activity from those following you!

7. An opportunity to off-load some of your bank balance

Good cameras, photography equipment and accessories are expensive and can definitely help you in reducing the load from your bank account. But it’s definitely worthwhile if you are really passionate about photography.

8. You get ME time

The art of photography is personal, private and exclusive – And hence you naturally get time for yourself to observe, think, learn, experiment and improvise.

9. Relationships improve!!!

Many of the boys / men who have been / are pursuing photography as a hobby say that it has actually improved their personal relationships as photography makes the girls / women in their lives happy :). Apparently, the girls / women don’t really complain about this hobby / passion / obsession as long as an occasional picture of theirs is taken… Bah!!!

10. You learn a new hobby and also learn about yourself

Along the way photography can definitely be added to your list of hobbies. And the skills you acquire in your journey as a photographer can be applied to one or many other things in life. As you discover the process of photography and begin to enjoy it, you also begin to learn and discover new facets of your personality and of yourself.

11. Open new avenues

Photography opens new avenues in your life – I know of people who made new friends due to a common love for photography, who became part of a community, who go on photo shoot-walks, who started a blog to showcase their photographs, etc. So there can be a host of other avenues that can open up with photography – you just need to have an open mind and be open to learning.

12. Gives you an opportunity to re-live some special memories

I don’t know of anyone anywhere in the world who has not at some point in time looked fondly at old photographs to cherish and re-live special moments and memories – it could be with your family, your friends, your love, your school, your wild times, your youth, your adventures, your tears, your joys, your experiences, your milestones in life, your achievements, your key life events…And the reason you had this opportunity is because someone actually took the effort and trouble to capture it from behind the lens.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and click a photograph…

Featured image licensed via Stock.Xchng.

Nischala Murthy Kaushik


Nischala currently works at Wipro. She has more than a decade of corporate experience which includes progressively responsible lines in Business Strategy, Business Solutions & Innovation, Branding & Marketing, Consulting, Business Development and Project Delivery of IT applications for several customers across the globe. Nischala is an active blogger. She blogs at VERVE : The Quintessence of my Life and Nischala's Space, Thoughts & Expressions - Both of which have been added to the List of Best Indian Blogs. In addition, she writes guest posts at sites like ProBlogger , FamousBloggers , 12Most.com , The Change Blog , PaulWriter & MindBlogs . For the full list of her guest posts, refer to the My Guest Posts Section on her blog. Nischala has completed her MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB), one of the premier Business schools in India. She takes pride in being a Mother, Philosopher, Writer, Scholar & Guru of Life for Life and most importantly, the Chief Happiness Officer of her LIFE!!! You can follow her on Twitter @nimu9

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I'm fairly new to the world of photography. It has allowed me to appreciate beauty in things I didn't see beauty on before. In a "stop and smell the roses" kind of way it has opened up my eyes to the world around me. I'm glad the law firm I work at is doing a radio show episode dedicated to photography law. If you wanna check it out go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/understandingthelaw
I can't wait to get an album together after I travel around this summer for the world to see.


I really enjoy photography because it gives me different perspectives and there are so many different styles that the possibilities are limitless.  It's also a reason I like to travel :)


I have too many hobbies already, Nischala, to take on photography. However, I am grateful for people like you that are willing to take beautiful pictures for me to both enjoy and share. I always enjoy photography and keep a separate Twitter list (and now Pinterest board) for great pics


I think the most important reason Photography has caught on off late is the fact that cameras have become affordable. Technology has made it easy to replicate to a great accuracy what one is observing without skill and effort. Storage has become cheaper.However, I have also noticed that people have begun discussing the technology more than the art itself. Discussion forums honestly discuss cameras more than the art of observing and capturing your perspective in a picture. Maybe I am old school. What scared me recently was a discussion where people get a bare image as clear as possible and then completely use photoshop to create what they want. This is the norm in a lot of photographs today. What is a picture I really wonder! Is it what your camera clicks and your process? Or is it what you see and you are able to express?