12 Most Decisive Keys to LIVING Life

12 Most Decisive Keys to LIVING Life

I think we get so caught up in the daily grind and all that comes with it that we forget some of the basics to LIVING life. Sometimes… we just need to be reminded.

1. Breathe

Remember to take big deep breaths; in and out… it calms you down.

2. Be thankful

No matter how bad you think your situation is, it can ALWAYS be worse.

3. Learn to love yourself at all costs

I’m a firm believer that if you aren’t happy you can’t make anyone else happy. If you don’t love yourself it’s very hard to love others the right way.

4. Daydream

It’s fun and it makes you smile.

5. Be creative

Write, paint, draw, sculpt, photograph, make a movie, knit a sweater… something.

6. Do at least one thing every day that goes against the status quo monotony

It’s fun.

7. Adventure

Without adventures life is boring, spice things up.

8. Tell people how you feel

I’m a firm believer in telling those people that you care about that, well, you care about them.

9. Smile and say hello

This can change a person’s day, but it can also change yours.

10. Be outdoors

There is something about being outdoors, even if it’s just going for a walk, that ties you to this world in a deeper way than sitting in the house with all your vices and devices.

11. Push yourself

Push yourself to learn, to be uncomfortable, to disrupt, to laugh, to live, to cry, to be silly, to dance, to sing, to do all that you can every day… you don’t know when life’s pink slip is coming.

12. Love

Search for it, don’t ever give up on it, and enjoy every second of it when you have it. My wife is, without question or hesitation, the most important thing to me because of the love we share… it has pushed me to get out of my own way and LIVE life.

I’m sure there are other things you may come up with but my overall point is that we should each have a list that we can look at from time to time in order to make sure that we are LIVING life.

As much as I know we have to go out in the world and pay bills… absolutely none of those things matter when we’re on our deathbed… people and relationships matter. I just wanted to remind myself, and you, to take steps to enjoy life a little bit more before it’s too late.

So what other keys to LIVING would you have on your list? Cheers!

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Matthew Browne


Matt is living the California dream with his wife Annie; they live on the Central Coast where they love to adventure and strive to make a dent in their online and off line communities! Being in the heart of California wine country, Matt & Annie take advantage of the all the sunshine and wine experiences available to them. Matt is a social media enthusiast with lots of Twitter and Facebook experience and heading over to Google+ as well. Matt has spent two years blogging at Hoot 'n Annie, a lifestyle blog and at an opinion and motivational blog. He's been a business owner for 6+ years and enjoys the independence that this brings.

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