12 Most Poetic Lines About YouTube

12 Most Poetic Lines About YouTube

Happy 7th Birthday Youtube! How do I love thee, let me count the ways. February 14th is Valentine’s Day and the anniversary of this popular social media platform. The first upload in 2005 was a simple 18 second video of Founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo. The service was acquired by Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion.

I probably spend more time online watching Youtube videos than any other activity. I am proud to be a member of the community although commenters can be intimidating. Lets just say I wanted to provide some more examples for this post, but I had to deem them too offensive for a family friendly crowd. I know that these trolls go with the territory. Popular Youtube series like “Your Grammar Sucks” have shown that we can find humor in this too.

What better way to celebrate the community than with an Italian style sonnet. After all it is Valentine’s Day! Here are the 12 most poetic lines about Youtube.

1. YouTube doth increase my views

YouTube has released some interesting statistics. Included in those figures is the fact that 150 years of video are watched everyday on Facebook. While over 500 tweets are posted every minute that contain links to Youtube videos.

2. Virility brings me fame

3. Yet can I hide the shame

4. Of all thy trolls and boos

5. All this fickleness gives me the blues

A research paper from 2010 cited a variance between comment sentiment and categories on YouTube. Research showed that videos in the science category received 0 comments on average. While political videos had the most negative sentiments expressed. Most importantly, with analysis they were able to show that this deviation was significant .

6. Even if Ray William Johnson brings me acclaim

Ray William Johnson is currently the most popular vlogger on YouTube. His show =3 (Equals 3) pokes humor at the most popular viral videos of the week and has over 5 million subscribers. He has recently branched out into music, animation, and a weekly show about life in Los Angeles.

7. I will never enjoy your reckless games

8. There is no way to enjoy these intemperate reviews

9. Perhaps I should just drink a lager

10. Sit back and watch these other clowns

11. While I order another round

12. I’ll write some commentary decrees

I used to be a Vlogger.

Until I took an Arrow to the Knee.

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Fun reading (and watching) while sitting back and partaking in #9 ;)