12 Most Brainy Ways for Students to Use iPads

12 Most Brainy Ways for Students to Use iPads

The introduction of the iPad has opened a world of possibilities in entertainment, the workplace, and  education.  Apple has always been at the cutting edge of education technology, and teachers and students all over the country are discovering that the iPad can be an effective, intuitive, and fun tool to use for teaching and learning. An iPad can be used for everything from quizzes to reading — and students are finding new ways to use the device to make their lives easier.

1. Easy emailing

With your iPad, your email is always at your fingertips. Save yourself a trip to the computer lab if you’re a college student — or skip having to go back to your desk if you are a busy teacher — while still ensuring that you are up-to-date on your digital correspondence with the pre-loaded Mail app.

2. Tracking student behavior

Keeping track of your planned activities and student interactions can be a brain drain for teachers. Instead of trying to remember everything, make notes of student activities and behavior on your iPad. For easy reference, use a Stickies app, several of which are available from the Apple App Store.

3. Note taking

Bring your note taking into the digital realm with your iPad. You can use the pre-loaded Notes app and take your notes with a Bluetooth keyboard or the pop-up on-screen keyboard.

4. Word processing

Instead of hauling your laptop to the library or bringing stacks of books home to your desktop computer, tote your iPad with you as you head off to write your next paper. With a word processing app like Pages, you can complete your next essay on your favorite Apple gadget.

5. Video projects

Give students a chance to show what they know visually by assigning them iPad-based projects. Use the camera app on the iPad to record students acting out a section of a text or demonstrating their understanding of a complex topic.

6. Modern pen pal

Instead of having students tediously write-out letters to other students across the globe, allow them to email their writing partners using an iPad. Not only will the response time be shorter, but your students’ pen pals will appreciate the rapid responses. Because the iPad is so portable, you can take it from desk to desk with ease while allowing your letter-writers to compose away.

7. eReading

Use your iPad to replace your back-breakingly heavy pile of books. Instead of buying paper versions of class texts, purchase digital copies and store them on your device, ensuring the book you need is always at your fingertips.

8. Researching

Finding an answer to the question eating away at you is simple with the iPad. Use the Safari app that comes pre-loaded on the device to pull up the Internet, conduct a simple search and you will have an answer in the blink of an eye.

9. Audiobooks

Whether you’re a student who is simply sick to death of reading or a teacher trying to help out a student who struggles with the chore, your iPad can be a useful tool in delivering audio books. Purchase audio books for download to iTunes. Then simply play the recording.

10. Video viewing

The web is filled with useful instructional videos teachers can show to their class. Students having trouble grasping course concepts can use videos gain a better understanding of what they have read . With the iPad you can easily show or watch videos from an array of online sites, including the ever-popular YouTube.

11. Photo taking

With an iPad handy, you don’t have to grab a camera to take pictures for a school project or snap photos of your students in the process of learning. Use the Photo Booth or Camera apps, both of which come loaded on the device, to capture and store your pictures.

12. Educational game play

The App Store features an array of games, some of which are more than just entertaining. Build your brain with some educational games, such as Scrabble, or assign students the task of showing what they know by playing some of these games that offer the perfect mix of learning and fun.

The lightweight iPad is more than just an Apple-produced toy, but instead a tool that can make attending or teaching school easier. Because it has a long battery life and is easy to take with you wherever you go, integrating this device into your school routine will likely be effortless.

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Lindsey Harper Mac

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