12 Most Springtastic Shoes!

12 Most Springtastic Shoes!




A shoe never says “You look fat” the way a bikini bottom can. Therefore, I love them.

Here’s my first 12 picks for spring! More to come as more arrive!!!

1. Prada

prada shoes

Ah, the sequin fade. A peachy sunset rising up to heaven. Someone wearing these is the same someone who’s a little bit tipsy all day but never sloppy. She is perfection. And she is manicured to within an inch of her life.

2. YSL

YSL red platform shoe

YSL relaunched the original posy print from the 70’s this season!!! Bianca and Mick Jagger anyone? I need the tightest pair of bell bottom dark wash jeans and a button down tucked in with a navy or taupy brown belt. My handbag would obviously be the navy YSL Cabas.

3. Givenchy

Black Givenchy, gladiator platform wedge

The gladiator wedge. It’s so fierce. Someone will be stomping around in these and will be the envy of every woman she passes.

4. Chanel

Chanel  spectator, shoes

Ah, the perfect dress to accompany me to a picnic at a royal something or other’s soiree.

5. Chanel

Chanel tweet slingback, shoe

These I would wear with frayed boyfriend jeans, a crisp white shit and a lux cashmere throw. And then I’d walk them straight into the arc light and order a large size of popcorn and watch a movie in the middle of the afternoon. When you wear these shoes, you can do those sorts of things.

6. Prada

Prada, Navy striped blue patent leather, platforms

I’m a lover of all things stripped, navy and nautical. Funny though, I hate boating and getting wet. This I would wear to a fashion blogger party on a yacht. I, of course, would spend the party on the dock. Yes, I would have to scream to be able to carry on conversation with my pals on the upper decks but I’m ok with that. If they want to hear the latest gossip, they’re free to come down a level and stick their heads out the portholes so I can whisper. The height in these heels will allow me to reach from the dock to the port hole. **Ending yacht fantasy now**

7. Valentino

Valentino, Beige patent leather, bow, shoe

Squeeeeeel! I think Sarah Jessica Parker just jumped into my brain. I need these shoes in my closet.

8. Lanvin

Lanvin, Navy polka dot wedge

The perfect shoe to accompany me on an elevenses date with my latest gay hubby in tow. Cute white dress. Perfect hair. Pink lips. Charming wallet on a chain.

9. Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo, Striped platforms, shoe

These are so ridiculously garish that I must own them so I can regift them to my future 8th grade daughter!

10. Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo, cork wedge, shoe

I turned this one to black and white in an attempt to make it look more feet appealing. I just picture a woman with long blond hair, lip gloss, botox, tight jeans, skimpy top… you know… I’m not her. I could never pull these off. But that round toe bed makes me feel like I want to go out and get a french pedicure.

11. Miu Miu

Miu Miu, sandal

I could totally rock these! How precious? I love them so much I would consider getting myself a sugar daddy just so I can have them in every color… and handbags and that Hermes coffee cup holder as well. In every color. Oh, and throw in an enormous stone home with huge fireplaces, and light and walk-in closets the size of bedrooms. Thanks SD! I like these shoes.

12. Pedro Garcia

Pedro Garcia, Gold rhinestone, sandal

I love love love these shoes. I want to move to Malibu and get massaged and pampered every day while wearing them. Doesn’t it just make you want to drink sparkling white grape juice while relaxing in a cush robe?

Ah, the life I could have if I was the person that owned all these shoes. It’s a beautiful thing people. Fashion makes me want to recreate the moments of my life. Doesn’t it do that for you too?

All shoes stalked and photographed by the author. Featured image courtesy of Pierre Mallien via Creative Commons.

Emily Sandberg


Supermodel Emily Sandberg is an internet rock star. Her blog SupermodelBlogger.com is dedicated to the fashion realization.

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@lapalter You should not be encouraging my addiction

Dhara Mistry
Dhara Mistry moderator

Loving the Prada! Nude is the way to go in Spring! It'll go well when combined with other colors in an outfit. Mixing it with black and darker neutral tones like brown, navy and gray will work the best.


 @Emmalish I would probably injure myself in most of these shoes! : )  I do really like Miu Miu's and Pedro Garcia's! 


I see my Tempurpedic slippers didn't make the short list ;(


none of the photos display in chrome, safari or firefox on mac :(


Emily, what a fun post! I read it through and you are so right when you say fashion makes you want to recreate moments of your life, but even better, the ability to use fashion to express ones feelings, ones style and ones vision is so much fun! Self expression at its best :)


@CarrieJKeenan did the pictures load for you?