12 Most Intriguing Board Names on Pinterest

12 Most Intriguing Board Names on Pinterest


What’s in a name? The challenge on Pinterest is to stand out in the sea of amazing creativity and inspiration. Be clever, make a board that does not exist (yes it’s still possible) or add a unique twist to the ordinary. Whimsy, humor, and yes even sarcasm work on Pinterest.

1. Grab the senses

Are you hungry? Have you ever found inspiration for your bedroom from your breakfast?
You will find all of that here.

2. State the obvious

In an effort to inject some Y chromosome into Pinterest, Board of Man has created an AMAZING following and highlights the power of collaboration and focus.

3. Sarcasm

She knits! She crochets! And clearly she drinks heavily to come up with these creations.”

4. Game on


This board belongs to one Ryan Seacrest. Simple, classic board game with a twist.

5. Be inspired by a song

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
You will instantly start humming Cyndi Lauper’s tune as you scroll through these fun images.

6. A worthy cause

ANYONE Can Get Lung Cancer!

Name a board after a cause, charity, orgazination to build awareness, educate, and support.

7. Inspiring locations

Francophile Finds
Rather than just calling this I love France ~ Kelby Carr kicked it up to CLEVER.

8. Geek vs Nerd

Nerdastic Geekery
Highlight your Star Wars, Dr. Who, Legos, or tech obsession with a cool name.

9. Share your accomplishments

Pinterested in Me?

Pinterest frowns on using it as a tool for self promotion. But with some creativity like this you can easily share projects you have done or if you are job hunting.

10. Eye candy

Boy crazy – blondes need not apply.

We have all seen them Boards that are dedicated to well…pretty people. This one is tops though!

11. Everyday objects become so much more

The Portals

It’s not just a door or a window ~ it is an invitation to explore

12. About all of those DIY projects and crafts

As you can see the list goes on and on. #12 has inspired me; it will be a crafty afternoon.

Beyond the name it is about quality not quantity. Focus, Pin relevant quality images, add clear descriptions to your Pins and to the board description (your out of-the-box name may not reflect the Pins, so add this so that your Pins and Boards can be searched for and found), add multiple contributors to maximize exposure but make sure they understand the vision for the Board. Now let your creative juices flow and make your 6th grade English teacher proud with your colorful use of imagery.

What have you done to make your Boards stand out?

Featured image licensed via Stock.Xchng.

Kelly Lieberman


Kelly considers herself a social media sponge. She loves using this medium to connect people & ideas. Coffee addict, rainbow chaser, giving my girls roots & wings. Kelly believes the glass is always half full. And she always plays nice. Kelly is a social media manager and consultant. She works with businesses and organizations to help them grow comfortably social on the inside so that they can better utilize social media platforms. Kelly is also the host of a weekly Pinterest chat, #Pinchat Wednesday on Twitter at 9 PM EST which was featured on Mashable.

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You really found some gems!  Now I'm going over to do some board following.... :)


@PegFitzpatrick Thanks so much for sharing this Peggy:) Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!


@24kMedia Thanks so much for sharing ~ Hope you are having a great weekend!

Peg Fitzpatrick
Peg Fitzpatrick

Really fun list Kelly! Thank you for sacrificing some of your Pinterest time and sharing the details with 12 Most.


The diversity is fabulous! What is your favorite board of your own? Inquiring minds want to know...ok I want to know. :)




Great stuff! Now following a few on your list. Pinterest is so much fun!


Great points, Kelly - gotta get more creative with my board names! I also have to spread the wealth - most of mine are in the Made Me Laugh, Infographics and Awesome Pics categories.


These are great!  I recently got pinterested........haha......and now I'm addicted!  :)