12 Most Rise and Shine Reasons to Get Out of Bed

12 Most Rise and Shine Reasons to Get Out of Bed

You know those days. The alarm clock rings, but you didn’t get much sleep last night. Stuff’s not going right in your life: the kids, the job, spouse, partner, friends, finances,etc. We’ve all experienced some bumps in the road and stresses in our personal or professional life. At times it can be overwhelming. Add to it the turmoil and unrest in the world and you have a mix destined to provoke an anxiety attack.

I’ve been reading a lot of Facebook posts on bullying and its effects on kids. There was also a disturbing cryptic farewell message posted, which actually turned out to be a cry for help and luckily turned out well in the end. In contrast, the happy, peppy words of encouragement you read online seem hollow, when your life is not working out as planned.

How safe and cozy would it be to just not get out of bed and just pull the covers up over your head. Short of someone pulling you out or falling out of bed, you will have to convince yourself that there is at least one good reason to get up.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Work or search for it

There’s a deadline to work towards, a story to be written, a sale to be made, a plan to come up with, and you’re the go-to person. No one else, just you! If you’re not employed, come up with a plan to search more effectively.

2. Feed someone

It could be your kids, or a family member, but somebody needs to eat. Mix the pancake batter, pour the cereal. Maybe it’s your dog, or cat, bird or fish, but somone is hungry and relying on you to feed them.

3. Update your status

O.k. this one’s not necessary unless you’re addicted. You know you have to check Facebook or twitter and either lurk or post. Yeah… you’re kidding no one. If you don’t feel like starting any controversy, you could just “Like” something or post a kitty photo.

4. Check in with someone who loves you

There has to be one person who loves you, or that you love, or a few, if you’re lucky. Say hello or “I love you” or “whatsup”? They may have been waiting for the call.

5. Move your body

No matter how lazy you feel, or what’s going on in your life, move: dance, run, exercise, get out of the house and walk. You probably will feel better afterwards, thank to endorphins kicking in. Actually, I will guarantee it.

6. Accomplish one thing

Do something that will make you sigh contentedly and say, “Wow, at least I did that!” It could be as simple as organizing your stack of papers, reading a chapter in a book, or throwing out those clothes from the 80’s you’ll never wear again.

7. Enjoy a favorite meal

Cook some comfort food or your favorite meal or buy something you’re craving. For me, it’s either sushi or pizza. Make a Dagwood sandwich and eat it slowly. Enjoy every bite.

8. Laugh

If you have no one to make you laugh, go online and watch a video of a comedian that makes you giggle; or watch a comedy program. There is actually scientific evidence that proves that laughter is very beneficial to your health.

9. Stop and water the roses

Your plants and flowers will wither if you don’t get out of bed and water them. Afterwards, take a whiff; inhale deeply.

10. Do something for someone without expecting anything in return

It doesn’t have to be major. It could be conversing with the grumpy postal worker, or smiling at strangers. They won’t think you’re crazy; they may actually smile back at you. I’ve tried it, even in NYC, and it’s worked! Throw a few coins into the subway fiddler’s cigar box. Let someone get ahead of you in a line of traffic and give them a thumbs up.

11. Reach out to an old friend

If a phone call is too awkward, there’s alway email or facebook. Every day that goes by without reconnecting could be another opportunity lost,until one day it could be too late.

12. Cut yourself some slack

This one is hard to do. Look into the mirror and stop being overly critical. Don’t notice the new gray hair, or the extra wrinkle. We are harsher on ourselves than we are on others. Hone in on one good attribute that you possess: your smile, wit, intelligence, talent, whatever, and celebrate it.

So if you are ever on the fence about getting up or staying in, perhaps some of these ideas will have you flinging your legs over the edge of the bed and gingerly standing up. If you’re like me, you’re kind of creaky in the morning.

What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

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Lily Zajc


Lily Zajc, is a copywriter, public relations professional, and blogger on fitness and exercise for Three Village Patch, on Long Island, N.Y. She is a mother to 3 and only daughter to 1. Migrating from Brooklyn to Long Island as a young adult, she learned to re-invent herself from professional to parent, back to professional, along with being a long distance care-taker. She enjoys exercise, yoga, music, her poodles and exploring social media.

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