12 Most Excusable Reasons Why I Don’t Want To Write Today

12 Most Excusable Reasons Why I Don’t Want To Write Today

Writing is a craft and some days I just don’t want to work at it. I once heard my favorite contemporary author Nick Hornby talk. The most memorable part of that discussion was one confession he was willing to make to the audience; he didn’t work very much.

Most days he didn’t write at all. You may take that as a sign of brilliance, but he recognized it as a flaw. Just think how many more books he could publish every year if he worked as often as he was able. Of course, this belies a situation where there are plenty of reasons why you just aren’t going to write anything today.

Here are the 12 most excusable reasons why you shouldn’t:

1. The sun is out

When I was a kid I was really in love with the artwork on the Sun tarot card of the Rider-Waite deck. This simple picture seems to capture that jubilant feeling of a sunny day! Sometimes you just want to go outside and play.

2. I need to clean the car ashtrays

Procrastination. It seems that when we don’t want to work we will find a hundred other things we need to do first. I think this goes double if you work from home.

3. I made other plans

John Lennon famously said, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” Well, we’ve  got to live and that can give us some of the greatest inspiration.  If you need to take some time to do something else, don’t fret, it may make a great story some day.

4. I just had to post one more tweet

I bet a lot of bloggers fall into this trap. We have a tendency to got most of our positive reinforcement online. It can be fun to respond to comments, tweets, and other communications. Still, at some point we need to turn off these channels and focus on the work at hand.

5. I’m not getting paid

My family never knows what to think about what I do. Well, that hasn’t stopped them from coming around and asking me for advice. Everything is a trade-off and if I want to get paid I need time to pursue those opportunities. Sometimes you have to say no.

6. I needed to make a phone call

I work in front of a computer for hours at a time. Sometimes all I want is a phone call. I am starting to get into the habit of asking for skype calls instead of emails.

7. I am on vacation

Social media is a 24/7 job. We feel that we need to be on all the time. If we go on vacation though we need the break! Remember when we used social media for fun? It is time you felt like that again.

8. I need a nap

Being creative takes energy. I know after a productive writing session the first thing I want to do is nap! Studies show that a 15 min nap in the afternoon will lead to more productive employees. Don’t fight the feeling, it’s what your body needs.

9. This is not a test

Anxiety will get you sometimes. There are some subjects, like the final paper for a class, that make us nervous. Like a deer in the headlights we freeze. Sometimes we just need to relax and let the words flow.

10. I don’t know

Though sometimes it just doesn’t matter what the circumstance. We just don’t know what to say. I think I fear this more than anything. I like to believe that given enough time I will spark some connection to talk about.

11. I know too much

Same problem from the opposite perspective. Sometimes we know so much on a topic we don’t know where to start. In which case, I say, just start at the beginning and go to the end.

12. I don’t want to miss a thing

Then there are moments we just can’t miss. Some of these we can plan, like anniversaries. And some we can’t, like emergencies. Either way we know we won’t be getting much work done today.

What stops you from writing?

Featured image courtesy of williamcho via Creative Commons.

Susan Silver


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