12 Most Holy Commandments of Community Management

12 Most Holy Commandments of Community Management

Shortly after the Social God freed the business people out of the slavery grip of traditional marketing, they traveled through the WWW and various social networks until they found and camped out in front of Mount Facebook. There God met and spoke with the people, telling them why he had rescued them from marketing faxes and direct mail.

For the Social God had chosen these people to be made into a holy nation of Community Managers, his treasured possession. One day the Social God presented one of these managers the first part of his new system of laws for his people — the 12 Most Holy Commandments of Community Management. These summarized the absolutes of spiritual and moral living that he intended for his people.

And the Social Media God spoke all these words, saying:

I am the Internet thy God, which have brought thee out of the land Web 1.0, out of the house of one-way broadcast advertising.

1. Thou Shalt Feed Your Community, Not Your Ego

2. Thou Shalt Recognize Followers with Gratitude

3. Thou Shalt Share Content Useful to the Community

4. Thou Shalt Not Moderate Comments

5. Thou Shalt Post Community Rules

6. Thou Shalt be Transparent in all Decisions

7. Thou Shalt Not Feed the Trolls

8. Thou Shalt Not Sell

9. Thou Shalt Converse and Not Broadcast

10. Thou Shalt Crowdsource Ideas

11. Thou Shalt Respond to All Queries Quickly

12. Thou Shalt Listen Before Speaking

So it is written, So it shall be done.

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Sam Fiorella


Sam Fiorella is a globetrotting interactive marketing strategist who has earned his stripes over the past 20 years in senior management roles with corporate sales &marketing teams as well as consulting for more than 30 marketing agencies. Sam’s experience with over 1600 Interactive projects during the past 15 years spans the government, finance & insurance, manufacturing, national retail and travel/tourism sectors. Currently, Sam is the Chief Strategy Sensei at Sensei Marketing, where he is charged with strategic campaign guidance and marketing technology development that power the Sensei Customer Lifecycle Methodology. Sam is a respected blogger and popular keynote speaker on marketing, branding and social media communications having presented at more than 200 conferences in the past 2 years. Follow Sam on Twitter or Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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