12 Most Newsworthy Web Apps for Content Discovery

12 Most Newsworthy Web Apps for Content Discovery

Personalization is not just a craze. It has become the mantra of many apps trying to gain your attention. With so much information out there, apps are vying on who can present it in a more manageable package.

I break this into two different types of services:

1. Those that find content for you based on keywords

2. Content curated by individuals that you can follow

I use these two sources to figure out what news matters to me. My friends are great curators using services like Twitter and Scoop.it. Then I use smart tools like Trap.it to find other interesting content. You may have a different preference.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by options here are 12 newsworthy apps that you should consider using.

1. Trap.it

Trap.it runs on the same artificial intelligence as Apple’s Siri. You create “traps” that find content based on keywords. It gets smarter finding similar content to posts you give a “thumbs up”. You can easily share what you find on your social networks and a recent update now includes Pinterest.

2. Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam is based on your Twitter feed. It will find out which posts have been tweeted most by your friends. It will also let you search hashtags to find the popular trending stories.

3. Klout

Don’t be surprised to see Klout here. They have been curating content too. When you log-in click on a topic. You can see the top influencers and click on “best content” to see recent tweets. You can do the same by using the search bar at the top of the screen for topics.


“If This Than That” is not a content curator in itself, but you can set up tasks that do the work for you. For example, I have tweets that mention my account sent to my dropbox. This way they are backed up! You could do the same with a blog search, Twitter search, Craigslist search and more.

5. Nutshell Mail

Nutshell Mail will send you a summarized digest of updates from your social networks into your email. It is easy to follow a Twitter search this way. You can give it search terms and it will give you back the latest tweets when your digest is delivered.

6. Post Post

Strips away the noise in your timeline by only delivering the content from your top 200 friends, then determine who you interact with the most via tweets. This is a good way to see what is happening with your personal network quickly.

7. Storify

Storify allows you to create social stories from videos, tweets, and pictures. It allows real-time curation by individuals. You can follow individual stories or accounts.

8. Scoop.it

Scoop.it is admittedly my favorite way to get news. Individuals curate their own topics with video, pictures, blogs, and more. There are pro features available for business. It has a nice visual interface.

9. Pinterest

Users create individual pin boards where they curate content for others. It is a visual bookmarking tool.

10. Bundlr

Bundlr followsi n the footsteps of other curations services. It is another visual bookmarking tool you can use to create your own board. Each service operates a little differently and has it’s own unique options.

11. Reddit

Reddit is near the top of the heap for sending referral traffic to blogs. Think of it as the “Front page of the Internet”, after all that is their tag line. If you want to find the most popular news in any niche they are a great place to start.

12. StumbleUpon

Good old StumbleUpon ranks at the top of my list for news sources. It exemplifies these two sources. It is a curated network, but the ability to stumble makes it random. You can stumble your friends likes or topics shared across the network. It is an easy way to lose track of time.

Which App fits your style? Do you prefer to “stumble” your news randomly or follow the news via curated content?

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Susan Silver


Susan is a copywriter who crafts content strategies that rank. She is also the community manager for Gygax Magazine. She shares information on business, social media, and writing.

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