12 Most Hidden Features in Social Media

12 Most Hidden Features in Social Media

User Interface is a crucial component of modern web applications, but some features still manage to get buried. Sometimes this is on purpose (such as Easter eggs, for example). Sometimes it is because of poor design. In other instances, they are features that are still being worked on.

I gathered a list of my 12 favorite features in social media that you need to know:

1. Embeddable tweets

The latest incarnation of Twitter allows you to embed tweets in a blog post. You can now easily grab the code for any tweet straight from Twitter. It is still a little confusing, but they have created a guide to walk you through it.

2. Influencer advertising on Empire Avenue

In Empire Avenue you can spend some Eaves on Influencer Advertising. These ads contain short messages meant to entice people to buy your stock. You can also use them to advertise your blog, giveaways, or a product. Get creative.

3. StumbleUpon url shortening

StumbleUpon has its own url shortening service called “su.pr”. Just like other shortners you have access to statistics. What really makes it stand out is the engagement bar that keeps people stumbling through your content.

4. Google Easter eggs

News of Google Easter eggs have a tendency to go viral. The latest to get attention was the discovery of the phrase “do a barrel roll”. Others have been discovered over time.

5. YouTube videos in 3D

YouTube has had the technology for 3D videos for a long time. This video from 2009 introduces the 3D menu option to uploaders. This isn’t a hoax and you can find many videos to watch by doing a simple search.

6. Buffer inside Twitter

You can use the Buffer App to schedule your own tweets or you can use it for retweets. If you download their chrome extension you can buffer your retweets from Twitter. Make every tweet count.

7. Facebook smart lists

Google circles are not a new idea. Facebook has had a similar function with their list function. Since the introduction of Google+ they have developed “smart” lists that update themselves.

8. YouTube watch later playlist

YouTube users have the option to use a “Watch Later” playlist. This self-curated list that can be made from public videos. Vsauce uses this method to create their own hosted 30 minute television show.

9. Twitter follower recommendations

This feature was discovered in 2011. I haven’t seen many updates about it since, but I imagine it probably hasn’t been phased out. Twitter follower recommendations allows you to create a list of accounts for new users to follow. It is explained in this post from All Twitter.

10. StumbleUpon ads

StumbleUpon ads are new to me. I only recently discovered them in a blog post that explained how they were used for a campaign. They can be targeted and are inexpensive compared to other methods of promotion.

11. YouTube in other countries

Have you ever scrolled down to the bottom of YouTube? There is an option to change your country. This means you can see what is trending around the world! The default view is worldwide, but try changing it to Russia or South Korea.

12. LinkedIn skills

LinkedIn rolled out skills last year. This feature gives you a snapshot about how industries are changing. You can easily see what descriptors are being used for your skill set. You can use this information to optimize your profile by using popular keywords that LinkedIn users search with.

What features have you discovered from your favorite social media services?

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Susan is a copywriter who crafts content strategies that rank. She is also the community manager for Gygax Magazine. She shares information on business, social media, and writing.

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