12 Most Memorable Business Quotes from 5 Days in the Blogosphere

12 Most Memorable Business Quotes from 5 Days in the Blogosphere

Are you like me? Are you a quote junky? I can’t get enough of those inspirational little maxims — I gobble them up like candy. Especially for business, one-liners are poignant and catchy enough to easily be put into action.

But, you know what? I kind of feel like reading the same quotes all of the time. Napolean Hill. Peter Drucker. Seth Godin. So on and so on. All great stuff, but I think there’s a goldmine of insightful and actionable quotes that most of us probably haven’t really thought of… the blogosphere.

Yes, blogs. They aren’t just (as I’m sure most of you know) angst-ridden rants of teenage girls anymore. Thousands of brilliant writers flood the web everyday with new and effective ideas. I think it’s time we start listening.

So, I created a list of quotes I thought were worth noting from my daily blog reading. In the first five days, this is what I’ve come up with…

1. “When you know why customers buy from you, you can make sure you do it better and do more of it.” ~ Jim Keenan

2. “A platform is not a website. It’s not your Twitter feed or speaking schedule. It’s people. Plain and simple.” ~ Jeff Goins

3. “Don’t hide behind busy.” ~ Kneale Mann

4. “Curiosity is probably the single most important trait of creative people.” ~ Kim Phillips

5. “It’s not that we’re ungrateful; it’s that, as humans, we need to keep moving. We’re like sharks: if we don’t swim, we sink.” ~ Jerry Kennedy

6. “The most successful people don’t face any less adversity than their less successful counterparts; they just believe deeply that they can overcome the adversity and act accordingly.” ~ S. Anthony Iannarino

7. “Nothing gets me up in the morning and makes me hungrier than knowing my competition is doing the same thing.” ~ Jason B. Douglas

8. “We’d rather have ideas than actually execute them. We’d rather talk a big game than actually play one. Otherwise we might actually have to take personal responsibility for our work.” ~ Scott Ginsberg

9. “Stop asking others for permission to dream big dreams.” ~ Dan Waldschmidt

10. “If you’re in sales, you’ve learned to hate marketing. If you’re in marketing, you’ve learned to hate sales. If you’re in management, you’ve learned to hate them both!” ~ Mark Hunter

11. “Hearing is a function. Listening is a skill.” ~ Becky Gaylord

12. “There’s no room for finger-pointing or excuses. You have to mean business — and revenue generation — for your company.” ~ Barbette Ten Haken

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I would encourage you to pack your RSS reader with solid material (the writers listed are a great start) and get to work at harvesting the many gems within.

What about you? What is your favorite quote that you discovered in a blog post? Share it in the comments below.

Featured image courtesy of quinnanya licensed via Creative Commons.

Doug Rice


Douglas E. Rice is a marketer, writer, and researcher who blogs regularly. He is the author of The Curiosity Manifesto, a provocative guide to learning new things and keeping an open mind.

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