12 Most Pinteresting Posts on Pinterest

12 Most Pinteresting Posts on Pinterest


“Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them” ~ John Shirley


It’s Friday and we are introducing a new weekly, do-it-yourself 12 Most feature! Once a week, we at List.ly will turn 12 Most on it’s head. We’ll be picking one topic each week and let the 12 Most community curate the content. The goal is simple — contribute and discover new content (and savor the weekend to the fullest!).

Sound like fun?

For those of you not familiar with List.ly, here’s a quick introduction:

List.ly makes lists social and interactive. You can sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account and contribute to any list on List.ly. If you think something belongs in a list, you can add it yourself — just click on the “add to list” button and follow the steps.

You can also vote on items in a List.ly list. The list and the ranking of items evolve as people contribute, making the list truly social. You can also embed a fully interactive List.ly list right inside a blog post as you see below.

This week we will be discovering the most interesting Pinterest posts. Volumes of Pinterest posts makes it hard to stay current. So there’s huge value in leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to source and rate the best posts. Add posts that you enjoyed reading elsewhere to the list below and vote. Everybody wins!

So here goes. We’ve seeded the list with a few posts that we like. Our goal: Find the 12 best, the 12 most valuable, the 12 most interesting Pinterest posts of all time with YOUR help. Ready to engage?

Got a topic in mind for next week? Leave a comment! Don’t be shy.

Bonus fun: You can also embed this 12 Most list on your own blog and let your audience engage and contribute to this same list.

Featured image courtesy of Vanessa Pike-Russell via Creative Commons.

Nick Kellet


As a serial entrepreneur, there's nothing Nick loves more than a new challenge. Nick's current challenge as co-founder of List.ly, is to put Social Lists on the world's to-do list! When Nick is not being social or blogging, he's playing board games, running, wakeboarding or snowboarding. Nick also publishes an award winning board game.

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You picked a heck of a list, Nick. Looking forward to more of these types of posts - which then adds to my reading stack (so much good info, so little time).


Great idea! Think will add 12 Most Pinning Tips For Pinterest by Kelly Lieberman. Thanks Nick!!!




Thanks for the insight and tip on a new groovy way to be social - Can't wait to hop over and have some fun!