12 Most Picture Perfect Ways to Plan for a Picnic

12 Most Picture Perfect Ways to Plan for a Picnic

Picnics are a fabulous way to have some quality family time or a romantic afternoon with someone you love. The best way to have a successful spontaneous event is to plan ahead! Having all the things that you need waiting for you and ready to go makes that sunny afternoon escape totally doable. Making time to create special moments in your life is always worth the time.

Take advantage of picnics and pre-plan with:

1. Vintage picnic baskets or modern masterpieces

Romantic, time-tested and add a beautiful touch to your picnic. Easy to look for throughout the year at antique stores or Ebay. Or go with a new version with all the bells and whistles with space to pack everything neatly.

2. Have a cooler and thermos handy

Clean them after each use. There is nothing that spoils picnic preparation quicker than having a gross cooler to clean from last time. Yuck!

3. Fabric napkins

Eco friendly and create no waste. Little touches like this make it special.

4. Inexpensive plates

Whether you have mix and match china or unbreakable plastic, get something reusable and cute.

5. Silverware

Mix and match from garage sales, it is cheap and charming. Also include a few serving spoons and a knife to cut cheese.

6. Wine bottle opener

Get an extra to leave in the picnic basket.

7. A variety of glass or plastic drinkware

I have seen some very cute picnic photos with mason jars for iced tea or lemonade.

8. Have a variety of freezer packs frozen

9. Maintain a collection of small plastic containers for easy food storage

10. Bring a bag to bring home trash

11. Leave a blanket or comforter in your trunk

12. Scout out a few locations so you have the perfect place to eat

I hope that you will start planning for a wonderful, relaxing picnic at some future date. Knowing that you have everything ready to go will make the idea of having a picnic much easier. What tips do you have for creating a memorable picnic?

Featured image courtesy of  ghirson via Creative Commons.

Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick


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