12 Most Convincing Reasons for Having Kids Later in Life

12 Most Convincing Reasons for Having Kids Later in Life

At the end of the day, we all live the life we live and there are no definitive rights or wrongs. But we certainly have our own thoughts and opinions on why or how we have done things in our lives.

Looking back now, I am incredibly thankful I had no children at a young age. I feel that I would have messed the kid up and therefore that would have messed me up.

My wife Annie, is 40, and I am 35; we’ve made the conscious decision to try and have one child now. After getting pregnant in November 2011, which was followed by a miscarriage, we are now pregnant again. Regardless of the outcome, Annie and I are very interested in “parenting,” “mentoring,” and “education” as a whole and understand the importance and value that these things bring to our society… and the future.

All that being said, below are some of the positive reasons we came up with (through many conversations) about why having a child this late in the game can be a good thing.

1. You can get all the partying out of your system before your kid comes along

2. You’ve been around the block and learned some good lessons about life and how things work (wisdom)

3. You’ve spent time building a career and have moved down your path a ways

4. You’ve learned the merit of patience and tolerance

5. You’ve learned more about priorities, what deserves stressing out about and what doesn’t (don’t stress the small stuff)

6. You’re more open minded (hopefully!)

7. You understand that having a child doesn’t end your life — you’ve established your lifestyle and are comfortable living it

8. You’re more established in your friendships and your community

9. Your marital relationship is typically more seasoned and stronger

10. You’re better off financially

11. You have more self-confidence

12. You’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, since most of your friends and family have already had kids

If you feel I left something out, I’d love to hear it. And if you feel one of the reasons listed was bogus, I’d appreciate your thoughts on that too!

Featured image courtesy of  Captain Kimo via Creative Commons.

Matthew Browne


Matt is living the California dream with his wife Annie; they live on the Central Coast where they love to adventure and strive to make a dent in their online and off line communities! Being in the heart of California wine country, Matt & Annie take advantage of the all the sunshine and wine experiences available to them. Matt is a social media enthusiast with lots of Twitter and Facebook experience and heading over to Google+ as well. Matt has spent two years blogging at Hoot 'n Annie, a lifestyle blog and at an opinion and motivational blog. He's been a business owner for 6+ years and enjoys the independence that this brings.

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