12 Most Mindblowing Acquisitions of Our Times

12 Most Mindblowing Acquisitions of Our Times

“I hate weekends because there is no stock market.” ~ Rene Rivkin

It’s Friday again and time for our new weekly 12 Most feature! Once a week, we at List.ly will turn 12 Most on it’s head. We’ll be picking one topic each week and let the 12 Most community curate the content. The goal is simple — contribute and discover new content (and savor the weekend to the fullest!).

Sound like fun?

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This week we will be finding the 12 Most Mindblowing Acquisitions of Our Times. On the tail of Instagram, you’ve got to wonder what are the big business acquisitions of our time. What were the game changers? Perhaps the acquisition caused the App to tank? They don’t have to be big to be impactful, but don’t just add a link to an acquisition story — add your perspective.


Bonus fun: You can also embed this 12 Most list on your own blog and let your audience engage and contribute to this same list.

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Definitely putting Instagram at the top of the list. Will Pinterest or Branchout soon follow?


I don't see how Facebook's acquisition of Instagram is "mind-blowing."  It's a perfect fit if FB is trying to gain a stronger foothold in the mobile world.  I guess the purchase price is pretty extraiordinary, but not mind-blowingly higher than many would have guessed...right?