12 Most Boobylicious Cancer Slogans

12 Most Boobylicious Cancer Slogans

Brandie McCallum, a colleague and friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and in late April underwent surgery to remove the cancerous cells detected through regular checkups. She courageously turned the event into a public awareness campaign by sharing her experiences through a self-created Twitter hashtag: #bewbluv.

And the community rallied with an effort that was simply awe inspiring. On the day of her surgery, one by one friends began tweeting positive thoughts on Twitter using her #bewbluv hashtag, eventually becoming a viral tidal wave of positivity; a digital Kumbaya. By the end of the day, the mob-tweeters ranked in the thousands reaching millions of people around the world. The love spilled over onto Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, blogs and even onto a morning radio show (99.7 The River). The overwhelming response caused the hashtag to trend across the US, Canada and Japan, raising even more awareness for the disease and prevention.

I was completely captivated by the stream of tweets throughout the day and in particular, the war-chants against this deadly disease. They were simultaneously entertaining and empowering so I thought it worthy to list the 12 Most Boobylicious “Beat Cancer” Slogans tweeted during the #bewbluv campaign for my friend Brandie.

1. Big or small, save them all!

2. Don’t let cancer steal 2nd base!

3. My boobs are fake & fabulous, the real ones tried to kill me!

4. Boobs, they could use your support!

5. A feel a day keeps the doctor away!

6. I fight like a girl!

7. Love kills cancer

8. I pink I can, I pink I can…

9. Kicking cancer’s ass, one boob at a time

10. Whoever said winning isn’t everything, obviously wasn’t fighting breast cancer

11. I’m too sexy for my hair!

12. Cancer is a word, not a sentence!

I’ve never been so proud to be a member of this online community as I was on April 23rd, 2012 when a community gathered to generate shock waves of positivity and support for a friend. I was humbled by the spirit demonstrated and proud to have been a small part of it.

Please share this post and/or these slogans so that their spirit might encourage and inspire other women suffering from breast cancer and to remind those who aren’t to get regular checkups.

Featured image courtesy of LovinArizona licensed via Creative Commons.

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