12 Most Pintastic Tools to Improve Your Pinning on Pinterest

12 Most Pintastic Tools to Improve Your Pinning on Pinterest

Want to improve your Pinning experience? Measure the reach? Find brand advocates? Find the best images to Pin?

Well, there is a Pinterest tool for that.

Many of these tools are still in beta and are anxiously awaiting the Pinterest API to further enhance what they currently offer. I have not had the opportunity to test all of these and am not endorsing them, but based on their descriptions I think they will improve the way you Pin.

1. Pinterest friendly dashboard

Pinerly is an anaytics dashboard for Pinterest. Users can post content and easily compare virality, reach, and engagement of each campaign. Pinerly offers Pinterest tips, suggested content, and suggested followers. Upcoming features: Pinerly bookmarklet and scheduling.

2. Find what’s hot and trending on Pinterest

Repinly is a Pinterest directory of Top Pinners, Top Boards, trending Pins, and stats.

3. Measure Pinterest user’s influence

You can use Pinpuff to  measure your Pinfluence with the bonus of receiving PinPerks.

4. Measure, monitor, and grow social curation presence

Curalate combines sophisticated image recognition algorithms with scalable big-data technologies, providing comprehensive understanding of a brand’s social curation presence. So how does that work: Monitor brand presence, identify brand advocates, identify and spot trends, see how your efforts stack up to the competition, and detect tweets and Facebook Likes originating from sites like Pinterest while telling you which content is driving traffic.

5. Pinterest influence and analytics

Pinreach gives Pinterest users a score based on your activity. While PinReach does not share their formula they do say that repins have far greater impact on your score than simply pinning something new. Once members start repining your item your score will increase much quicker. Also following 500 members will do far less for your score than having 500 new followers on your account. Again, liking content yourself will do less for your score than when others like your items, as actions made by other members on your account carry much more relevance to your social influence than what you do yourself.

6. Pinterest tracking tool

iGoDigital Pinterest Tracking Tool helps retailers understand and make use of data being collected by Pinterest. Some of the features include: Identify individuals who “pin” products, the popularity of their pins, and determine related revenue associated with their Pinterest activity. Send more targeted and relevant marketing messages based on shoppers’ Pinterest activity, incentivize highly influential Pinterest users who drive significant amounts of site traffic or revenue from their follower base, make more educated merchandising decisions based on products being shared and pinned, use product recommendations as a customer acquisition tool by giving shoppers the opportunity to share them, expose additional preference and taste data to their customers’ profiles and leverage this information to make the shopping experience more personalized, and add Pinterest into the customer lifetime value calculation.

7. Pinterest Facebook tabs

Integrate your Pinterest content and activity into the Facebook environment with a Pinterest tab. Vitrue, Wildfire App, Shoutlet, and WooBox
offer Facebook tabs.

8. Find your website on Pinterest

Quickly find out if any content from your domain has been pinned on Pinterest with PinMe. Another way to find out if you have been Pinned is pinterest.com/source/type your website URL without the www.

9. Browse Facebook like you browse Pinterest

Pinview is a Facebook app that turns your Facebook Timeline into a Pinterest grid.

10. One click discovery

SpinPicks allows users to easily discover visual content from Pinterest, Instagram, Twitpic, Flickr CC, Reddit/R, YouTube, and PicPlz. SpinPicks also adds the ability to pin images directly to your Pinterest boards. SpinPicks doesn’t pull spins from sites like Google.com, Tumblr.com, Bing.com, and Facebook.com to help reduce the number of improperly attributed images. If you sign in with your Pinterest credentials, you are able to repin, like, view the pin on Pinterest, follow the user, follow the board from which the pin came and go to the source of the pin. All directly within SpinPicks.

Another feature of SpinPicks is the “Auto-spin” functionality. Pick a category, check the auto-spin box, sit back, and let SpinPicks show you what awesomeness is out there.

11. Image search

Whether you are looking for the source of an image or want to choose a higher resolution, head over to Google Image Search.

You can enter the URL for the photo or upload the image. Hit search and you will find more sources for the image. If you are looking for a bigger image select more sizes in the left sidebar. is another reverse image search engine with a plugins for Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. Give it an image and it will tell you where the image appears on the web.

12. Post any text on the web

Add Pin A Quote to your bookmarks bar to so that you can easily Pin any text from any website. Highlight the selected text, then click Pin A Quote, add the author, and then Pin it on Pinterest. For $1.99 you can upgrade to for custom font, background, text color, and multiple languages.

Pinstamatic Easily Pin add locations, music, quotes, calendar dates, Twitter profile links, sticky notes and websites.

Are you using any of these tools? What did I miss?

Featured image courtesy of CREEPETZ licensed via Creative Commons.

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