12 Most Yummy Ice Cream Toppings

12 Most Yummy Ice Cream Toppings

The weather is heating up and before long we will be in the long hot days of summer. Ice cream is a popular treat for the season — vanilla still reigns as the most popular flavor and  serves as a great base for all kinds of tasty toppings:

1. Chocolate syrup

2. Sprinkles

3. Fresh fruit

4. Caramel

5. Nuts

6. Gummy bears

7. Chocolate chips

8. Dried fruit

9. Peanut butter chips

10. Hot fudge sauce

11. Crushed peppermint candy

12. Crumbled cookies

What do you like on your ice cream? Which toppings are missing from the list? Remember to stock up on some and have an ice cream bar at your next summer party — it would be a lot of fun for kids of all ages!

Featured image courtesy of Cakes by Setia via Creative Commons.

Renee Dobbs


Renee is a self-proclaimed Domestic Goddess in the South who loves to eat, drink, and dig in the dirt. When not cooking, dining out, sipping wine, and gardening, she is blogging about her adventures on Magnolia Days. Her goal is to taste the world with wines and foods from all countries. She believes a balanced diet comes from the moderation, enjoyment of all foods, and willingness to try new things.

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