12 Most Eye Opening Benefits for Bloggers Who Learn Code

12 Most Eye Opening Benefits for Bloggers Who Learn Code

It is time that bloggers join their code monkey counter parts. New advancements in technology have lead to advancements in the way websites are delivered on multiple devices. That is why learning about HTML 5, CSS3, Javascript and Jquery are top priority for anyone working in the digital space.

1. It improves the text

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are responsible for changing the way text looks. There are several tricks up our sleeves such as specifying fonts, their color, or even the spacing between letters. Check out this tutorial on how you can change the appearance of your fonts.

2. Integrates social media

There are several options for those who would like to integrate social media directly into their text. I am only going to talk about Twitter because I know that best, but there are many more. Plugins like Tweetherder work as a shortcode for WordPress. You can also use click to tweet to generate a link that when clicked updates someone’s status for them. If you are really ambitious you can add @anywhere to your blog.

3. Gives flavor

Code can give a little bit of flavor that really spices things up. Here is an example of a simple website built with the jquery plugin Lettering.js . The site is made using only the dingbat font and using lettering.js to style each individual pictogram.

4. Frames your pictures

I used to be jealous of those extravagant borders around images that some people have created. We have CSS and crazy border effects that can make round corners, Polaroid frames, and drop shadows. People who have mastered the art of CSS3 borders have made amazing images that are pure code.

5. Gives you independence

One of the thrills of learning some code is independence. You can do simple tweaks like using the font-size property. That gives you some freedom to stray from a default theme without having to hire a designer to fix it for you.

6. Can enhance video

Speaking of cool Jquery plugins, one of my favorites is popcorn.js. Here is the demo page by Mozilla. It basically allows you to update your website as a video plays. This is a great way for business to explain what they do, show directions, or list employee bios. The possibilities are endless.

7. Can be self taught

Most of my knowledge has been from finding tutorials. This has allowed me to hack my basic theme and make it look more unique and professional. If you have the free time check out Code Year, an initiative by Code Academy to teach Javascript, HTML, and CSS3 to anyone interested in learning.

8. Helps with grammar

Code is like learning a foreign language. It comes with its own grammatical structure and punctuation. Coding can teach you a lot about the issues that arise when you are off by just a semi-colon in your writing.

9. Rethink the structure of your writing

You may find that as you learn, you change the way you structure your writing. Coding teaches you logical construction. Each block of code is like a paragraph. Take that experience with you the next time you write a blog post.

10. Can get you a job

Learning Javascript is a very marketable skill. It isn’t too late to learn. Once you feel comfortable you can add it as a skill to your resume. It shows initiative and persistence.

11. Change your perspective

Learning code is like learning about the Matrix. Suddenly you can see the code underneath your favorite apps. It opens up a whole new world and experience.

12. Customize your site

Learning to code is a great way to save some money on redesigning your blog. As you can see there are already 11 benefits for you in this endeavor. The last one being that you will be able to hack a theme for your own designs or even build one yourself.

Have you ever tackled coding for your site?

Featured image courtesy of  R E B E L ™® via Creative Commons.

Susan Silver


Susan is a copywriter who crafts content strategies that rank. She is also the community manager for Gygax Magazine. She shares information on business, social media, and writing.

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One of the absolute BEST things bloggers can do for themselves and their blog is to learn at least a  little bit of coding! I've seen a few other options out for learning code, but find I usually need something quickly. If it's something I haven't saved into a "snippets file" for myself I tend to do a quick search on http://www.w3schools.com as they have a great and interactive way to search and learn little bits of code and CSS on the fly. (I have a running text file on my desktop that I add interesting or useful code snippets to so I can bring them back up and use them when needed)


I know nothing, nada, zippo about coding, but I'm slowwwwwly learning on my blog. This is such great info, Susan, thanks! Now I just need to concentrate and learn this stuff.


I came from a software development background, so I definitely know how important those blasted semicolons are!! Having said that, I've done very little customization or introduction of new plugins. We may do more of both for our corporate blog site we are in the process of creating. I do know enough to go into the HTML view of a post and make changes - necessary with the way the Wordpress editor can get a little quirky sometimes with lists and font formats.