12 Most Timely Tips to Become ‘Popular’ on Instagram

12 Most Timely Tips to Become ‘Popular’ on Instagram

With nearly 50 million registered users since its start in October 2010, Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular mobile photography apps. Its recent acquisition by Facebook and the Android platform launch has brought what was once a boutique, quirky photo filter app to the social networking masses.

The Popular Page on Instagram is one aspect that die-hard Instagrammers aspire to be part of. There is no exact formula, but there is an algorithm in place that measures each photo’s worth loosely based on quality, likes and frequency. Until we can figure out what the exact algorithm is, here are 12 tips to making it onto Instagram’s Popular Page.

1. Sign up to Instagram

To be on the Instagram Popular Page, you need to be on Instagram. Signing up is easy; just download the free app to your smartphone.

2. Choose a unique user name

When you sign up to Instagram, choose a user name that suits you. A memorable and unique name will make it easy for others to find, like and comment on your photos.

3. Take photos

Now that you have signed up to Instagram with a unique name, start taking photos with your smartphone and share them to your social networks. This will help build your following within the Instagram app as friends and followers from other networks are likely to follow you on Instagram as well.

4. Use filters

Instagram comes with 17 built-in filters to enhance your photo, giving it a vintage ‘instamatic’ feel or even a high-contrast look. The more interesting your photo is, the more likes you will receive.

5. Black and white

High contrast black and white images are proven to be effective within the Instagram community and on the Popular Page.

6. Use apps

In addition to the in app filters, use third party apps like Diptic, FX Photo Studio, Color Splash or Pro HDR to enhance photos before importing them to Instagram. These enable you to create something artistic and original, which will help you to achieve increased likes and popular status.

7. Be personal

Show your love for your pets or capture your kids doing something funny. Cats are extremely popular in social media, and Instagram is no exception.

8. Be mysterious

Get creative with cropping. For example, capture buildings and landmarks from unusual angles. Images of familiar locations, especially shown in an interesting way, appeal to even the most discerning photographic eye.

9. Develop tunnel vision

Tunnels are proven popular subject matter in the Instagram community. Snap a tunnel and add the right filters, you’ll be popping onto the Popular Page in no time.

10. Like and comment on others’ photos

Instagram, like all social networks, is a community. The more you interact with others, the more others will interact with you.

11. Hashtag

Build your Instagtram community by adding hashtags to your photo descriptions. Using tags, such as #igers #photooftheday or #londonpop, allows you to be found by other Instagrammers with similar interests.

12. Join in challenges

Participating in challenges, such as The 100 Club, InstaDerby or Weekend Hashtag Project, allows your photos to be seen by a wider audience. The premise of some of these challenges is for the users to like all of the photos that are participating with a dedicated hashtag, within a short time span.

The more likes you get within the first 30 minutes, the more likely you are to get on the Popular Page. Once you’ve been on the Popular Page on Instagram once, the more likely you are to get on the Popular Page again. What are you waiting for? Get out there and get popping… see you on Instagram!

How do you use Instagram? Any tricks you would like to share?

Featured image courtesy of iandavid via Creative Commons.

Erica Whiteman

Erica Whiteman is an account manager at integrated search, social media at Punch Communications, specializing in online PR. Erica has over 11 years experience marketing and promoting music to the masses at Sony Music and Lout Events. She moved to the UK from New York where she developed Rockstarhelper, a music pr and management company for start up indie bands. Outside of work, Erica can be found baking, blogging about baking and searching ebay for bargains to turn her house into a set out of Mad Men.

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This is really not useful info. to get on the popular page. You need at least 20,000 followers or more and be following no more than a couple hundred people. With this type of large audience then you can hope to get abou 500 or more likes in the first 15 minutes. This might get you on it. But nothing is for certain. After Facebook bought Instagram, the popular page algorithm on Instagram changed. You need to be very popular like celebrity status. Just check out the numbers on the popular page. It's a shame. The popular page is now not that nice any more.


How about take REALLY GOOD pictures? I won't follow anyone who does stupid pictures of their restaurant dinners...Ugh so many people do that!


I've enjoyed sharing on Instagram and adding filters, but I've definitely kept it basic and sporadic. I agree with that one cartoon that said "great, we finally get cameras capable of taking a high-def photo....and we use Instagram to make it retro".


I haven't used any of the other photo upload options on Facebook or Google+, but I know Instagram is an easy way to get the picture uploaded to both Twitter and Facebook.