12 Most Mind-Blowing Content Curators to Follow

12 Most Mind-Blowing Content Curators to Follow

There is a real art to content curation. Not only do you have to find worthy content, but you have to find a way to deliver that to your audience. This is not as easy as it sounds.

Following are my top 12 sources for mind-blowing information.

1. Doug Rice

You may not know this, but regular 12 Most contributor Doug Rice curates the best reads on his blog every month. He creates a reading schedule for his clients, one article a day. To make it even easier, you can subscribe to the Scoop.it RSS feed to get the updates daily.

2. Jan Rajtoral

His design blog has literally blown my mind. I love the weekend when the author does his Twitter roundup.

3. Maria Popova

Maria Popova, author of Brainpickings, is one of the most well-known curators online. For good reason. The best curators are the ones that can find and connect us to obscure resources. I think Maria does an amazing job at bringing these buried links to us. She is also the author of the curators code.

4. 12 Most

We cannot forget 12 Most. The posts are phenomenal and the topics diverse. No two writers tackle the same subject with similar perspectives. It gives us a chance to see things from another point of view. Plus… disagreements make for great comments.

5. Open Culture

Open Culture curates resources for life long learners. They keep tabs on free online classes (including those offered by Yale and MIT), movies to watch, and classic interviews. They are able to find great archived material like a drunk Jack Kerouac discussing hippies with William F. Buckley.

6. Lisa Barone

I know that Lisa Barone has left Outspoken Media, but she left an archive of amazing links. Check out the “Reading Nuggets” category and find some great resources. Of course, you can follow her on Twitter too.

7. Daily Infographic

The world cannot get enough of these. Subscribe to the Daily Infographic and get your fix.

8. Kristi Hines

Every week Kristi Hines offers “Fetching Friday.” These are so popular that she offers a separate RSS feed to subscribe to updates.

9. Sonia Winland

Sonia of “Logallot” shares great content. She has an eye for spotting the most informative blogs. I trust her instincts. I also appreciate her blogger spotlights that introduce me to new writers.

10. Springwise

Are you itching for a new business idea? Springwise has found some of the best ones. It is very inspiring to read what they have gathered.

11. Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens, aka the Bearded Nun from “Key of Awesome,” has a YouTube channel called VSAUCE. This is truly for the science inclined. Common topics are math, physics, astronomy and cognitive psychology. He also shares some geeky pop culture gifts via LÜT, my favorite show.

12. QI Elves

QI is the most popular show you have never seen (if you live outside Europe). It is a quiz show were guests have to answer trivia questions in the most interesting way they can. The facts presented are so obscure that points are given if they can come up with a humorous response. The show tweets quite interesting trivia from its Twitter account.

What sources have you found? Share your favorites in the comments.

Featured image courtesy of @Doug88888 via Creative Commons.

Susan Silver


Susan is a copywriter who crafts content strategies that rank. She is also the community manager for Gygax Magazine. She shares information on business, social media, and writing.

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