12 Most Superior Leadership Blogs

12 Most Superior Leadership Blogs

We know that you come to 12 Most for all of your up-to-date information. But even we like to surf the internet reading other blogs to get new or fresh perspectives and viewpoints, to pick up tips, to gain new insights and to learn new things.

One of my interests, both professionally and personally, is leadership. I read quite a few blogs over the course of the day and the week. I have listed those that I frequent almost daily.

1. You’re Not the Boss of Me by Gwyn Teatro

Principles for listening to the “boss in the mirror.”

2. Weaving Influence by Becky Robinson

Balancing our online, professional and personal lives.

3. LeadershipFreak by Dan Rockwell

Leadership principles, book reviews, interviews at 300 words or less.

4. Leadership Now — Book synopses

Building a community of leaders who ae readers and learners.

5. Successful and Outstanding Blog by Liz Strauss

Productivity and leadership

6. Intentional Leadership by Michael Hyatt

Life, leadership, social media, book publishing and lessons from his life.

7. Leadership Myths — Busting the one-by-one by Mike Myatt

Understanding the principles of leadership.

8. Personal Branding Blog

Branding yourself for the 21st century.


Creative thinking and leadership.

10. Heidi Cohen: Actionable Marketing Expert

Social media marketing.

11. Success Blog

Entrepreneurial inspiration and instruction

12. Leadership Digital

Best of the leadership blogs in one place

Leadership is a vast subject with many levels of use and understanding. As leaders we can never know or understand it all, or be exposed to too much of this information, as long as we turn that information into action. Someone once said that “great leaders are great readers.” It makes sense.

I am always looking for new blog’s to check out. What are some of your favorite non-12Most leadership blogs?

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Martina McGowan


I have a penchant for studying leadership and business. I am a life-long student of human behavior. I have practiced medicine for over 30 years, in all settings including as a solo private practitioner. I have served on numerous boards in both the private and public sector. I am a mother, grandmother, blogger, and writer.

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Hey, 12 Most has this ABCs of Leadership series going on right now...think they are up to the D's now ;).


I'll definitely have to check that Leadership Digital...and work my way back from there. So much great content, so little time Martina.


Would Seth Godin's Blog be considered a leadership blog? I think so because the way he "talks" to his audience always makes me feel that he is talking to me and knows that I have the potential to make change and to lead change. What do you think?


Heidi and Liz are both high up on my list. There are some here that I have not be exposed to yet. Will be checking all these resources. I don't have anyone to suggest! I don't tend to read many blogs on leadership. Will be following up with your suggestions to learn more.

Gwyn Teatro
Gwyn Teatro

Hi Martina, I'm pleased and honoured to be part of your "12 Most" list of bloggers.  Thank you! 


@HalimaCoach Thanks for the retweet and affirmation Halima


Great list. I'm working hard to become #13! :)

Martin Haworth
Martin Haworth

And if you are smart, you can add their blogs automatically to your own Twitter post feed using something like the free Twitterfeed. I understand Hootsuite and others do this too. All adding great value to your followers. Martin


Hi Martina, I would like to add: Copyblogger, Social Media Examiner, Mari Smith, Brian Solis and Amy Porterfield.