12 Most Appreciative Ways to Thank Your Customers

12 Most Appreciative Ways to Thank Your Customers

This may come as a shock, but people like to be shown gratitude. They may not say it. They may not even expect it. But deep down inside, secretly, they long for it. They want to know that they are valued. They want you to say, “Thank you.”

But you’re a business person, right? When you sell your products or services, customers are getting something in return. It’s a market exchange. You don’t need to thank them. They don’t need to thank you. Strictly business.

Wrong! Business doesn’t happen in a vacuum. When people are involved, there are social norms. They may say, “Pleasure doing business with you.” But, the truth is that there really isn’t any pleasure until you let them know what a pleasure it was for you to do business with them. It’s time to start thanking your customers. Here’s how…

1. Send them a card

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned thank you card. In the digital age, getting something tangible in the mail means everything. When they see your signature, customers will know you are truly grateful for their business.

2. Buy them a book

Want to do one better than a card? Buy a book that can be useful for your customer and write a note telling them why you think they could use the book. This thoughtful gesture tells them that you are not only thankful for your business but that you are also interested in their success going forward.

3. Thank them publicly on the social web

Did they “like” you on Facebook or “follow” you on Twitter? Make them glad that they did. Thank them, providing a link to their profiles, and say something nice about them. Let the world know that you are honored to have done business with them.

4. Name something after them

Have something in development? A product? An initiative? A promotion? Name the product or the campaign after a customer. More often than not, it is they who will have given you the idea anyway, right? Show them that their input matters.

5. Give them a gift card

Know something your customer likes? A restaurant? A department store? Give her the gift of an experience she loves. Buy her a gift card.

6. Make an award for them

Do you have an “Employee of the Month” award? Why not make a “Customer of the Month” award? Give them something fancy in a plaque that they can hang on their wall. Make them feel as special as they really are.

7. Send them a referral

Here’s a great way to say thank you — put your money where your mouth is. Well, at least someone else’s money. If your customer is in business himself, send a customer to him to show him how grateful you are.

8. Offer them exclusive content

Content marketing is all the rage. Developing interesting and engaging content for free will be a common practice more and more. But how about setting something aside? How about reserving some material for your best customers?

9. Do a group or roundtable video

Get your team together and do a video. Have everyone tell the customer what she means to them. Yes, it’s cheesy. But, hey, when does saying “thank you” not feel cheesy. With so many voices saying the words at once, there’s no way the customer won’t feel appreciated.

10. Throw a customer appreciation party

Throw a party for all of your customers. Do some fancy catering. Have some games, so that they can bring their kids. Welcome everyone that’s every done business with you. Thank all of your customers at once.

11. Take them out to dinner

Or, take a very special customer out to dinner. You do it before the sale to get the business. Why not do it after the sale to thank them for their business? Take them someplace nice. Take them someplace fun. Take them somewhere that lets them know you care.

12. Just call and say, “Thanks”

Certainly, you’ve done this already. Or, then again, maybe you haven’t. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple phone call. Just call and say, “Thanks.”

There are hundreds of ways for you to express your gratitude. How do you say thank you to your customers?

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Doug Rice


Douglas E. Rice is a marketer, writer, and researcher who blogs regularly. He is the author of The Curiosity Manifesto, a provocative guide to learning new things and keeping an open mind.

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I was in Seattle this week, and a local deli named a sandwich after our company. It is simply called "The Mantis", and it is an artery-clogging, meat-filled sub sandwich.

Imagine how different it would have been if one of our vegans/vegetarians had been our most frequent representative to this place ;)


Sending a referral sometimes isn't appreciated - I've sent several referrals to some customers of mine but they either 1) didn't want more customers in the first place or 2) were just not thankful.


Great tips, Doug. And the beauty of these recommendations is they extend to others in your network as well, beyond just customers. With so much noise and so many contacts, even the tiniest gesture can stand out and make someone feel appreciated.


Hi Doug,

The simple thing about expressing gratitude...it takes seconds to do, and can form a life-long bond. Spot on tips here!

Take a moment to say Thank You. Through the internet. In person. Via mail. Via phone. However you choose, just do it.

Gratitude forms a conduit to good. Express thanks for individuals, or good things in your life, and more customers and good things will flow into your life.

Action. Reaction.

All it takes? A few seconds of your time. A few moments, and you magnetize yourself to good, and you might just lay the foundation for a powerfully prospering relationship.

Thanks Doug!


Becky Gaylord
Becky Gaylord

Doug, these are all simple and easy to do -- but powerful and thoughtful ways to really deliver on customer service. Great post!