12 Most Sand-Tastic Things to Do at the Beach

12 Most Sand-Tastic Things to Do at the Beach

If you thought the beach was just about working on your tan, then you are missing out. There’s a whole sun-filled day of activities waiting for you — oceanside.

1. Collect shells

Go adventuring and look for shells, beach glass, starfish and sand dollars. You never know what you might find — this year my kids found an anemone shell for the first time.

2. Build a sand castle

Who doesn’t like to build a sand castle? Grab those shells, feathers and other odds and ends you just collected and use them to decorate your architectural masterpiece.

3. Chase the seagulls

Our beach is overrun with seagulls. It makes for a great wake-up call in the morning when they all start to screech. Day after day my kids will chase those gulls up and down the beach. My oldest is determined that she will one day catch one. THAT makes for early bedtime.

4. Save the crabs

An abundance of crabs washing up on the shoreline is what attracts all those gulls you were chasing. Watch out for the new crabs to be washed up on that sand bar and then throw them back into the deeper waves. Beware the angry seagulls!

5. Fly a kite

When the gulls and the crabs are gone for the day, bring out your kite. There is almost always a good wind along the shoreline and you can usually get the kite to stay up for at least a little while.

6. Play tag

With few places to hide, the beach is a great place to play tag… you have no choice but to run, run, run!

7. Ride the waves

Indulge in a little swimming, bobbing and body surfing when you get overheated from all your games.

8. Go for a walk

Not quite ready to jump in the water? Cool off by walking along in ankle-deep water.

9. Have a bonfire

More secluded beaches will be full of washed up driftwood perfect for bonfires, and if you’re allowed, there’s not many safer places to have a bonfire than beside the ocean. Don’t forget the s’mores!

10. Draw with a stick

Keep one of the long pointy pieces of drift wood for drawing pictures. Write your names in the sand or play X’s and O’s.

11. Take a picture

With all the activities you’re planning for your day at the beach, don’t forget to take your camera and capture the memories. You’ll have enough different shots for a whole two-page scrapbook layout… or more.

12. Take a nap

Now that all the activities are done, you’ve had lunch & dessert on the bonfire, got your exercise and did some art, it’s time to relax. Just make sure you put on lot of sunscreen.

If that doesn’t keep you and your kids busy for a day… well… maybe you need to try again tomorrow. And find a bigger beach!

What do you like to do at the beach?

Featured image courtesy of NomadicEntrepreneur licensed via Creative Commons.

Anita Hovey


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Got another one for you - beach volleyball! Of course, we enjoy grabbing a book to read...or sharing a glass f wine in the evening while listening to the waves crash.


@janinesimmons Thanks for sharing... #missthesummer too :)


@anitahovey Adding jogging and yoga - no better place than the beach to work out and meditate!