12 Most Awesomest Words to Add into Your Daily Vocabulary

12 Most Awesomest Words to Add into Your Daily Vocabulary

As an author, speaker and “hey, look at me”-er, I am always in search of new and interesting words to use to express myself. To spice up my blog posts. To make me sound more sophisticated and junk. And it really works. You would be surprised how a simple shift in one or two words can change how someone sees you or reads your blog.

Unfortunately, a lot of what were once up and coming words have since become so overused they just get glanced over nowadays. But have no fear. There are plenty of words out there, so I have generously dipped into my reserves to share with you the 12 Most Awesomest Words to Add into Your Daily Vocabulary.

Enjoy! Or should I say… luxuriate!

1. Kerfuffle ( kərˈfəfəl )

Originally, I thought a kurfuffle was the machine they use at Build-a-Bear to blow stuffing into the bears but apparently I was wrong. After looking a little deeper, it seems as though it is really defined as a commotion or fuss.

Example: I got into a bit of a kerfuffle with the girl from Build-a-Bear when she insisted that the stuffing machine was not called a kerfuffle.

2. Flibbertigibbet (ˈflibərtēˌjibit )

I’m like 85% sure that flibbertigibbet has two meanings. The more widely used being a frivolous, flighty or excessively talkative person. However, what I feel is the more advanced usage of the term is something Kermit the Frog says after having one too many cocktails.

Example: Oh flibbertigibbet! Miss Piggy is here! Quick, hide in the closet!!!

3. Lollygag (ˈlälēˌgag ]

No. Lollygagging is not what happens when you stick a lollipop into your mouth too quickly. Quite the opposite, kind of. It actually means to dawdle or take your time. Not necessarily with a lollipop. Just in general.

Example: Stop lollygagging and finish reading this post and get back to work!

4. Bloviate (ˈblōvēˌāt )

Sounds like a naughty word, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. Sorry! It is a clean word meaning to talk at length often in an inflated or empty way. Kind of like I am doing in this post.

Example: There he goes again. Boy, does Marc like to bloviate sometimes.

5. Brouhaha (ˈbro͞ohäˌhä )

I think most people know a brouhaha as a noisy or overexcited response. But did you know that there is another form of the word? That’s right. A brouhoho is a noisy or overexcited response due to an over consumption of eggnog.

Example: The brouhaha that broke out on Christmas Eve quickly turned into a brouhoho before someone dipped into Santa’s cookies and the reindeers’ carrots.

6. Absquatulate ( abˈskwäCHəˌlāt )

I could swear this was the act of impersonating Sasquatch but guess again. It actually just means to take off or leave. I’m not quite sure why you wouldn’t just say take off or leave.

Example: I really need to leave but in an effort to make myself sound important I am going to tell everyone that I have to absquatulate and then watch them look at me funny as I walk out the door.

7. Discombobulate (ˌdiskəmˈbäbyəˌlāt )

Discombobulate means to remove ones head while juggling swords. Wait a second… sorry about that. Typo on my part. It actually means to confuse someone.

Example: Sorry about screwing up the definition. I was a bit discombobulated.

8. Cockamamie (ˈkäkəˌmām )

Cockamamie means ridiculous which is quite fitting considering the way the word sounds.

Example: Cockamamie is a cockamamie word.

9. Batrachomyomachy ( bat`ra`cho`my`om´a`chy )

This is one of those words that looks like it has some bizarre meaning like when a balding man has his comb over surgically removed, doesn’t it? Well, it’s even more bizarre than that! It is a battle between frogs and mice. Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up.

Example: I’d like to put $500 on the mice to win in today’s batrachomyomachy.

10. Collywobbles ( col•ly•wob•bles )

Apparently the collywobbles are the Little House on the Prairie version of the butterflies you get when you are nervous. I didn’t think you could make “I have the butterflies in my stomach” sound any more lame. Apparently you can.

Example: When I first met you, I had the collywobbles. At least I thought I did until I realized it was food poisoning.

11. Slangwhanger ( slang´-whang`er )

Someone who is a slangwhanger is a person who verbally attacks others. For example, a politician. Hey, if the shoe fits…

Example: I’m sure there will be plenty of slangwhangers leaving comments on this post. To them I say: bring it.

12. Skedaddle ( skiˈdadl )

This is an easy one. It just means to leave quickly. Take off fast. As opposed to skedoodle which means to draw really fast.

Example: This is number 12, so I suppose it is time for me to skedaddle!

Do you ever use any of these awesome words yourself or are there any favorites I left out? Let me know!

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