12 Most Feastable Foods for Thanksgiving

12 Most Feastable Foods for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for celebrating all the good things we have in our lives. Family and friends gather around the table for an annual feast. Preparations begin days ahead and everything comes together for an unforgettable meal. Memories are made and traditions are kept. Many of those traditions include the foods we enjoy on the holiday.

Here are some of the popular culinary delights for the celebration:

1. Turkey

Roasted, smoked, grilled, or deep fried — how do you cook your turkey? For many it is the one time each year this bird makes an appearance on the dinner table. It is associated with Thanksgiving so much that people often refer to the holiday as “Turkey Day.”

2. Ham

It is usually served in addition to turkey. A ham is also generally reserved for holidays and special occasions. Like turkey, the leftovers are great for sandwiches and many other dishes. The bones from both can be used to make stock so save them too.

3. Stuffing or dressing

The difference is mainly how it is cooked. Stuffing is traditionally cooked inside the turkey and dressing is baked separately. There are many versions including the base of either white bread or cornbread.

4. Mashed potatoes

They are smooth, creamy, buttery, and oh so good with turkey. Then again, lumps are common with mashed potatoes. Whipped and creamed potatoes are the smooth ones. No matter the texture, it is a wonderful and comforting side dish for the holiday.

5. Gravy

The perfect topping over turkey, dressing, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. Varieties include brown turkey gravy, white gravy made with milk, and giblet gravy. Most all are made using the drippings from a roasted turkey. Giblet gravy makes use of those extra parts that come inside a whole turkey.

6. Sweet potatoes

You know it… the famous marshmallow topped sweet potato casserole. There is an art to broiling it to get perfectly toasted marshmallow top and not catching it on fire. Candied yams or regular baked sweet potatoes are also popular for the holiday.

7. Green bean casserole

Break out the can opener for this one. Canned green beans, mushroom soup, and those crispy French fried onions all go in this retro dish.

8. Cranberry sauce

A colorful and tasty addition to the meal. The tart/sweet combo balances with the salty/savory foods. Jellied sauce is pushed out of the can, sliced, and served as a side dish. Whole berry sauce is served as a relish.

9. Vegetables

Corn, Brussels sprouts, carrots, turnips, collards, squash, or other vegetables round out the meal. It is good to eat your veggies and holidays are no exception.

10. Rolls

What is a meal without bread? Hot rolls right out of the oven — oh yes! Slather them with butter and watch it melt before your eyes (if you can wait that long). Use them to sop up every last bit of the gravy too.

11. Pumpkin pie

The quintessential Thanksgiving dessert. Pumpkin is a harvest symbol and is also in season. What better way to celebrate a bounty of food than with it?

12. Pecan pie

A real southern treat. It is a super sweet pie made with lots of sugar, corn syrup, eggs, and pecans. One small slice is all you need to top off the feast.

The Thanksgiving meal is a very special time. Food, love, and so much more are shared with our loved ones. What do you look forward to each year?

Featured image courtesy of ekpatterson via Creative Commons.

Renee Dobbs


Renee is a self-proclaimed Domestic Goddess in the South who loves to eat, drink, and dig in the dirt. When not cooking, dining out, sipping wine, and gardening, she is blogging about her adventures on Magnolia Days. Her goal is to taste the world with wines and foods from all countries. She believes a balanced diet comes from the moderation, enjoyment of all foods, and willingness to try new things.

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I took a lot from this post, thanks for sharing!


We had so much of almost all of these - and I LOVE pecan and pumpkin pie. Since we now have to split time with other families w/our daughters, we actually cooked two feasts - so I also smoked a pork shoulder. Man, I love Thanksgiving ;)

Martin D Redmond
Martin D Redmond

My favorite dessert combines #11 and #12!  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Renee!