12 Most Giblet Busting Ways to be a Jerky Turkey on Twitter

12 Most Giblet Busting Ways to be a Jerky Turkey on Twitter

Thanksgiving is a day when Americans join together to give thanks for our blessings. A day we spend with family and dear friends to enjoy a grand meal, a parade and some football. Let’s apply some of our Thanksgiving manners to our on-line personas and learn how not to be a “jerky-turkey” on Twitter.

1. Fowl language

Everyone is entitled to an off day, an f-bomb here or there won’t get you an automatic unfollow, but run-off at the mouth with every tweet, and your flock will fly the coop.

2. Angry birds

Do you really need to spew anger and hate? There may be a corner of Twitter that thrives on that, but mainstream Twitter won’t be among your followers.

3. Too much stuffing

Cut out the stuffing! Two hashtags are enough — more than that and you are just grasping for attention.

4. Gobble-gobble

That’s turkey-talk for Twitter-chats. Join in on any Twitter-chat — they are open to everyone but don’t gobble up the attention, stay on topic and be polite.

5. Thanksgiving

Remember your “please and thank you’s!” Thank folks for mentions and follows or you’ll find yourself out of the flock.

6. Frozen turkey

Thaw-out for goodness sake, tweet something original and get a profile picture!

7. Follow the flock

Unless you’re a rock star, POTUS or FLOTUS, follow back your tweeps.

8. Begging for seconds

Stop begging for more followers, if you can’t get them with your charming tweets you probably are a jerky turkey.

9. Keep your giblets to yourself!

Twitter loves pictures of your vacation, your kids and wine bottles; but please, keep your giblets to yourself!

10. Funny bones

Humor and sarcasm run like wild turkeys on Twitter; know when going too far is just too far.

11. Squash

Squash the Auto Direct Messages asking for a follow on Facebook or to watch your YouTube video!

12. Tofu-turkey

Don’t be a phony baloney on Twitter. Tweet what you know; be engaging not fake.

What irks you about some Twitter-tweeps? Have you encountered any jerky turkeys lately? Share your #13 with us!

Featured image courtesy of JD Hancock licensed via Creative Commons.

Eileen Gross


Eileen Gross is the Chief Financial Officer for a financial services and risk management firm in Washington, DC. She is wine lover, traveler, and collector who shares her wine experiences on her blog “Wine Everyday". She is is a member of the Society of Wine Educators.

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OK, I am WAAAY late in responding to this post, but I really got a kick out of it. Loved the "keep your giblets to yourself". And yeah, let's watch that Fowl Language and Angry Birds no matter WHEN we are gathering!

Martin D Redmond
Martin D Redmond

I really enjoyed this post Eileen...Guess I've been lucky...I've not seen any pics of "giblets" so far!


How about Leftovers, don't make your twitter followers feel like them! No auto-linking from Facebook...actually come to the dinner and engage in great dinner conversation with your friends!