12 Most Relaxing Things to Do When There’s No Internet

12 Most Relaxing Things to Do When There’s No Internet

I’ve just returned from my annual vacation to the family cottage. When I tell people there is no cell phone coverage, no internet connection, no TV and not even very good radio coverage, most people think I’ve found the back door to heaven. For a social media consultant, however, going without internet for a week could be just the opposite.

I usually don’t have much trouble backing off my internet consumption for the week we’re away, but I admit I do have to travel up to the wifi café every couple of days to check on my client accounts and respond to emails. So, what does a web-addict do with all this newfound free time?

1. Take a nap

Chances are you’re sleep deprived. Depending on the study you read, adults need anywhere from six to 10 hours of sleep per night. I’m leaning more towards six, so I always get a few extra zzzzz’s on vacation.

2. Sit on the deck and watch the waves

Or the clouds, flowers, birds, animals… whatever you’ve got. Enjoy nature for a while.

3. Read a book

Whether you like a good old fashioned hard cover novel, the Kindle, or an audio book, having no internet connection is the perfect time to catch up on something you’ve been meaning to read. I quite enjoyed listening to an audio book while I sat and watched the waves from my deck. Then I picked up the hard cover I had brought with me. Two mindless reads in one week.

4. Write a blog post

Pretty clear that I have spent some of my vacation doing work. I think that’s the downfall of the entrepreneur… can you ever really leave work? I always knock off a couple of blog posts while I’m away. Sometimes they are book reviews (if my books are business related), sometimes they’re about what to do when there’s no internet. Either way, I feel a bit more relaxed when I know there are a couple of posts waiting to be published when I get back. Takes a bit of the pressure off when I’m trying to get caught up.

5. Play a game

Lucky for me there are a bunch of people here at the cottage. Any time you want to play a game, there’s someone to play with. There’s nothing as relaxing as taking out your stress on the Scrabble board, or landing in a fit of the giggles with your family.

6. Go to the beach

Ok, ok… so the land-locked readers might have a harder time with this one. Our cottage happens to be in the Bay of Fundy with the highest tides in the world. Twice a day we have a huge beach on which to walk, fly kites or build sand castles.

7. Try a new coffee shop

This one is easy to do if you’re away from home. Go. Sit. Try a new blend and a decadent dessert while you’re there.

8. Organize your computer files

Yes, I’m serious! If you’ve been putting off getting your computer organized, take the time to do it now. If you got this far down on the list, really, what else do you have to do? And getting organized will definitely help you feel less stressed.

9. Sudoku

If Word Find and crossword isn’t your thing, check out the Sudoku puzzles in your local paper (or buy a book of them). These logic puzzles are a great way to keep your synapses firing.

10. Go for a walk

When was the last time you went for a walk? Not a power walk. Not a run. Just a walk to enjoy your natural surroundings? Go out and focus on nature for awhile. You might be amazed at what you notice. I’m sitting in the middle of a haven for Swallowtail and Monarch butterflies — that’s fun!

11. Watch a movie

My kids use this one more than I do. Download, borrow, beg or steal, but take a couple of movies with you on your vacation. When everyone goes to bed early here I just pop in my ear buds and watch a movie.

12. Get back at that hobby

It’s been months since I touched my favorite hobby. If I were at home without internet I might actually be inspired to try making a card to send to someone. Alas, I’m at the family cottage and my dining room full of craft supplies is six hours away.

Hmmm. I don’t know about you, but now I don’t feel quite so bored without my internet connection. I guess I’ve been quite busy afterall this week, since I’ve done 11 out of the 12 things I’ve listed.

Oh, yes, and there is a 13th item I could list, but I’m at a shared, FAMILY cottage. And without internet I couldn’t ask if this was a FAMILY friendly blog, so I wasn’t sure if I should mention sex. Oops.

Featured image courtesy of Raghu Jana licensed via Creative Commons.

Anita Hovey


Anita is commonly referred to as the Head Twirp. By day she's a mild-mannered (NOT) social media consultant and trainer, at her own company Twirp Communications. By night she's a paper crafting super hero (PERHAPS). Addicted to all things pretty and frilly, lover of all colors, chewer of cinnamon gum, wearer of awesome boots, and not afraid to admit her friends live in her computer. She just wishes Dexter Morgan and Eric Northman would come OUT of her computer. Find Anita on Pinterest too!

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listening to music and reading books are my fav.


Read a book and watch a movie are my favorites. Of course, I'm good with the hobbies too (tennis or just working out).